The Components Of A Truly Great Blog

So, you want to start a blog. You likely already have an idea of what you want your blog to be on, whether it’s for personal use, branding, or building a blog arm to your business’s website. Whatever the aim is, there are four components that every blogger needs to get in the pot if they want it to truly be successful. Let’s dig in and see which ingredients you haven’t considered.

The Components Of A Truly Great Blog


This shouldn’t be a surprise. To run a successful blog, you have to be able to successfully write content. The truth is that this can be one of the surprisingly most difficult parts for a lot of different bloggers. Being able to talk on a subject is different from being able to consistently write quality posts with pulling power, especially if you want to monetize those posts. Turn content creation from an art into a part of your work. Create a content pipeline where you’re constantly writing down ideas for content, testing them for what value they offer the reader, doing your research, and then finally putting them together. That means you will constantly have fresh content on the go, rather than being caught short and having to put out something low-quality.


No-one is going to read your posts if they can’t stand how your website looks, either. This is no longer web 1.0, and having a bare-bones visual style to the site doesn’t cut it. Finding a unique blogging them nowadays is easier than ever with plenty of free templates as well as affordable visual designers around. BloggingTips shows that your visual strategy has to go beyond site design as well. It’s well known by now that readers tend to get their attention caught by blog posts with plenty of pictures. You should even be willing to occasionally turn a piece of info heavy content into an infographic to get it across in a more visual style.


This comes in two parts. First of all, site design. Keeping navigation simple and not clogging up side bars with unnecessary options is essential to make it easy for visitors to know where they’re going. On the other hand, you have to think about how well the site works, well. Before going with the first host that pops out at you, consider what kind of data you need and what framework to work with sites like MangoMatter. If you fail to choose a host that fits your requirements, you might have a slow site with dead links turning away readers left and right.


Your readers are everything. The blogger who forgets that are soon going to lose those readers. Keep interacting them on as regular a basis as possible and build a real online community. Reply to those comments on your posts. Keep up with social media not only to share your content but to curate others content and stay in contact with your most avid readers. Consider other parts of the blogging world, too. Partnering up for guest posts and cross-promotion is a great way to add prestige to your blog as well as to reach the audiences of other writers

A blog has to be readable, usable, easy on the eyes, and engaged with its community. If you’re not able to manage all of those, then perhaps a blog isn’t the right direction to take your idea.

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