Big Adsense Earners of 2015, Trends and What to Expect in 2016

Big Adsense Earners of 2015
There is quite a lot of hype about Adsense, and website owners earning a lot of revenue through this channel available from Google. But what is Google Adsense and how do website owners earn a passive income from it. In simple terms it is a free service offered by Google to website owners. Advertisers place ads on your website, and you get paid for every click on the advertisement. In other words the ribbon on the right hand side of the screen on many websites, those are Adsense advertising, earning revenue for the owner of the website.

A lot of website owners earn a lot of money through these channels and 2015 has been a boom year for a lot of people that are part of the Adsense advertising network from Google.

So what were the trends in 2015 for Adsense and who were the top earners. As predicted at the end of 2014, one of the fastest growing online segments have been Current affairs and news, the inclusion of two websites in the Top 5 earners on Adsense in 2015 is testament to that ( and Other segments which have shown some impressive growth is the How-to segment for both general questions as well as tech forums.

The top five earners on the Adsense in 2015 are:

1. Courtney Rosen
Monthly Adsense earnings: US$6.6 million
Key audience interest: How-To website

2. Pete Cashmore
Monthly Adsense earnings: US$0.56 million
Key audience interest: Current affairs

3. Kevin Rose
Monthly Adsense earnings: US$0.52 million
Key audience interest: News and current affairs

4. Shawn Hogan
Monthly Adsense earnings: US$0.48 million
Key audience interest: Technology forums

5. Markus Frind
Monthly Adsense earnings: US$0.368 million
Key audience interest: Online dating

The question is how do other website owners gain access to this seemingly easy revenue stream that these website owners are so effectively leveraging.

Each of these entrepreneurs had a unique idea, and they have turned it into a profitable business idea. The one thing they do have in common is that they have all embraced the internet revolution that is changing the way in which we interact with each other and the world around us, how we do business, how we find love, where we go for news, where we go for information. Each of these websites attract more than one million unique visitors each day. Everybody can earn an extra income from Adsense and other Pay Per Click services, the secret to success is to manage the content on your site to be relevant to your audience, and to attract enough visitors to your sites.

So what will the trends be in 2016 for Adsense. Which market segments will grow the fastest? Indications are that current affairs will still dominate internet traffic in 2016, and consumers will increasingly go to the internet for all kinds of information including shopping and advice.

One factor that needs to be kept in mind in 2016 will be the continued growth of the mobile internet. This sector will dominate the access to the internet in 2016 and websites will have to be mobile friendly to keep up with the times.

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