3 Proven Ways to Get Traffic through Pinterest

3 Proven Ways to Get Traffic through Pinterest
Have you ever find a blog or web that does not have accounts, profiles or pages on social media in this digital era? I may not believe you if you say “Yes”. It is because, for most bloggers and web owners, social media is the only yet easiest way to drive traffic to their blog as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way more difficult thing due to the technical elements. Whereas, blog promotion on social media is a lot easier for them as it only requires good communication skills.

When it comes to promoting your blog on social media, there are some major social media platforms on which most of the bloggers promote their blog including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is no doubt that these 3 platforms can drive loads of traffic to your blog, if used properly. However, these aren’t the only social media platforms out there.

Pinterest, an advanced image-sharing social community, is the most rapidly progressing and expanding social media platforms. Although, it does not have as many active users as of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but the competition is also very low. So, one can easily attract the targeted audience without putting much effort on marketing.

Given below are some of the most effective ways you can promote your blog on Pinterest.

1. Add & Verify Your Blog:

The first and foremost thing that you will need to do is to add your web URL in your Pinterest profile. Why it is important to add link to your web in your profile is that it is one of the few things that people view before following you. Therefore, adding your web URL in your profile is the quickest way to start driving traffic to your site.

Also, make sure to verify your website through the link sent to your by Pinterest for URL verification. The reason why it is important to verify the URL is that users want to make sure that the site you have added belongs to you or not.With a tick mark next to your web URL, indicating that the site you have added in your profile belongs to you, the chances are you will surely start getting traffic.

2. Add Link In The Pin Description:

Of course, the pin you are sharing should not only be of high quality but also unique, tempting and out-of-the-box to start getting followers on your brand page. If you are posting pins that have been already pinned thousands of times, then you may hardly get any follower. However, since your motive is to drive traffic to your website, you can’t let your efforts go in vain by not providing the followers the link to your web. I know that you have already added the link in your profile, but that will take the visitor to the homepage only.

For instance, you are running an online writing service and want to get potential customers through Pinterest; you will need to start posting pins related to your service. After adding description to the pin, you will need to give URL to the order your dissertation page so that the interested visitors can directly land on the targeted landing page and place their orders easily.

3. Be Active When Others Are:

When it comes to share posts on social media, time plays a vital role. If you are posting at the right time, you will get more for less effort and vice-versa. According to social marketing gurus, the best time to share posts on Pinterest is 2 PM – 4 PM and 8 PM – 1 AM. These timings are as per UTC -07:00 Time Zone. Therefore, your timings can vary if your Time Zone is different.

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Rochelle Ceira is a marketing manager at an online firm that specializes in academic consultancy. Her job is to device key marketing strategies and filter out ones that don’t delivery result. When not working, she enjoys watching “The Big Bang Theory”

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