5 Things that Make a Successful Tech Blog

Running a blog is a bigger responsibility and commitment than you might imagine. It’s something that takes time and energy. If you’re looking to start a new technology blog, here are 5 things that will help you succeed.

1.Understand Your Audience

Every audience is different, so you need to know yours inside out. It’s only when you understand your readers and what they want that you can give it to them. If you’re posting the kind of content that they’re not interested in, your blog won’t be as successful as it could be. You’ll alienate your audience, and your readership will slowly start to fall and fall. Finding out what they like is pretty simple though. You just need to look at your readership figures and find out which articles were most read.

2. Post Regularly

A blog can only become a success if it’s kept up to date. And this is something that can only happen if you are dedicated to the blog. This means posting on the blog regularly, and not leaving it without being updated for months on end. A blog that hasn’t been updated for a long time will suggest that the blog has been abandoned, and people won’t come back to check for new posts. So, to achieve a larger and more loyal audience, you need to keep posting interesting and informative blog posts.


3. Know What You’re Talking About

If you don’t know what you’re talking about on your blog, people will be able to tell pretty quickly. Readers will only take you and your tech blog seriously if you have something insightful and worthwhile to say to them. Posting articles that offer nothing new to the reader will only result in the rapid failure of the blog. For more info on different types of technology and the latest hardware and software, you will need to read as much as you can and try out new technologies.

4. Engage with Readers

Readers must be engaged if you want them to keep coming back. This could mean interacting with them and responding to comments they post on your blog. Or it could be even simpler than that. You could set up a social media presence for the blog and follow more people. This can then act as a place for issues on discussed your blog to be debated in more detail. It’s all about creating a small community of people who are interested in your tech blog and what you have to say.

5. Monetise It

For long-term success, you will probably want to make some money from your blog. Without some form of income, you probably won’t be able to dedicate the necessary time to the blog. But if you have some money coming to you from the blog, you will be more willing to spend time on improving and perfecting it. There are lots of ways to monetise your blog. You could include adverts on your website, and when you gain success, you could charge people for access to parts of the blog.

How to Get Customers to Trust Your Brand

When it comes to building a successful business, one of the most important things you need is a reliable client base. As all entrepreneurs know, gaining a good following takes time and effort, and ultimately, comes down to trust.
Getting customers to trust your brand is never easy, especially when you are a new business. As consumers, we are taught only to trust and buy from reputable companies. It's this mindset that makes building a client base incredibly difficult. The question is: How do you go about building a strong brand when it all comes down to trust?
business ownre.jpg
Promote your brand on social media
As consumers, we trust social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, in a big way. If we see a brand that’s actively online, we are more inclined to trust it. Did you know that three out of four consumers consult social media before buying from a new company?
That’s why, it’s so important that your business is active online. As well as having a website designed for your business, you also need to be active on social media sites. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, all of which are important to use.
Getting to grips with using social media to promote your brand can be tricky. However, by following what other companies do, you can quickly learn all the best tricks. If you don’t have the time to run your business’s social media sites, consider hiring a social media expert to do it for you. While this can be costly, by hiring a social media whizz, you can ensure that what is posted will help to build your brand.
Send out promotional items
Everyone loves a freebie. Want to build trust in your company - offer some free promotional items on social media and your blog. Don’t just offer them to anyone, if you have a niche market, offer promotions to people who fit that.
You’ll find that offering to send small items, like business door hangers and pens, that trust in your brand will increase. These might only be small things, but they are effective for increasing brand awareness, as well as trust.
Add a blog to your website
Have you ever considered adding a blog to your company website? No - well you definitely should. A blog is a fantastic way to advertise your business’s products and services, especially if your incorporate SEO.
When you first launch your website, the chances are that it will get very little traffic. That’s to be expected, after all you are a new brand. However, to consumers considering using your site, the fact that few people use or have heard of it, can put them off. To boost the amount of traffic you are getting, adding a blog is a fantastic idea.
On your blog, as well as having good-quality content with SEO links, consider adding promotional videos. The more professional the site looks, the more likely customers are to trust your brand.
Getting customers to trust your brand can be tricky, especially when you are a new company. However, by taking on board the tips above, you can make growing your customer base and building trust, easier.