Selling Ad Space in Your Blog for Earning Money

Selling Ad Space in Your Blog

A simple way to earn money from your blog or website is by providing an ad space for those who want to advertise their products. While you have experienced putting AdSense to your blog and earn money, now you can reverse it by providing an ad space for advertising. Surely this is not easy because firstly you need to have a high traffic website or blog first to make the advertiser want to use the space in your website for advertising their products. Without a high traffic website, your ad space will not be used by any advertiser.

The advertiser will decide whether to use your space or not depending on how many visitors that come to your website daily. The more ads that you get, the more money that you earn. This is actually a very easy way to earn money since you just need to provide a space for the advertiser to sell their products. There are some things that would be put into consideration by the advertisers before using the space in your website for advertising. The advertiser will look at the rank of your website and see how many unique visitors coming daily or even monthly. The countries the visitors coming will also affect the decision of the advertiser.

After making sure that you have all the considerations and qualifications needed for providing ad space in your website, now this is a good time to set the price of your ad space. When setting the price, you need to realize in what level are you. Your level should suit the price that you set. The level depends on the traffic of your website. Not only pricing, but you need to also decide the kind of advertising that you would likely to add in your website and the types of ads that you will use such as banners.

The advertiser will provide a charge for the ad space that you provide and this should be your first priority. You do not have to provide a banner as the type of ad to use in your website. There are many ways that you can use to allow the advertiser add an ad in your website. The advertiser also has different ways in providing charges for you. One of the most popular ways is the cost per click that is provided by the advertiser. Whenever a visitor clicks the ad in your website, the charge will be provided. Another way is by providing charge whenever the ad is displayed in your website.

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