Placing Google CSE to Blogger Static Page

Google CSE

One widget provided by Google is CSE (Custom Search Engine); a search widget that can be easily use to display the search results from your blog. If you have connected to Google Adsense, then with Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) can be set as the Search Engine Monetization by setting in the menu Make Money.

Don't Let Your Blog Look Poor

Well, because you want to make money with CSE, but you don't want to make your blog look poor, then you can set the Google CSE placing to blogger static page. Quite easy and simple to do it. Of course you use the template of your blog, so the style of your blog has been created in such a way and expect the search results pages of the CSE as far as may be relevant to your blog.

Then How to Do It?

It's easy to do this; follow the steps below to placing Google CSE to your blogger static page:
  • Go to Google Customer Search Engine
  • After displayed as shown below:
    Google CSE

  • Create a New search engine accordance with the url of your blog will be placed.

    Google CSE

  • Then go to the Edit search engines menu, and choose Look and feel, it will be displayed as shown below:
    Google CSE

  • Choose a model Result only
  • Then click Save & Get Code button located below.

    Google CSE

  • Google CSE will keep a record of your settings and will display the code that you need to place it into static pages, as shown below:

  • Copy the code above then you and Paste into a static page that you want to use.
  • Go to the Blogger dashboard, then select the Pages menu, and click the New Page; after entry to edit the static page, select Edit HTML mode, and then you paste the above code.

    Google CSE
  • Then you save and publish, then the static page to display search results ready for use.
  • Note the permalink or URL from a static page that you created, for example, we use the name "search-result.html"

Almost Done

  • You're almost done for setting.
  • To complete the setting, go to the menu Template-Edit HTML, find HTML code that is used to search blog; find a tag code <input class = 'search', then from <form action = '....' name = 'q' tag, fill action form with static page URL and fill 'name' with data 'q', like the example below:
    Google CSE
It's easy, right? and you can earn money with not much change the look of your blog page. Good luck!

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