How to sell your eBook on Amazon

eBook on Amazon

While making an eBook can be one of the most effective ways to earn money from the internet, selling the eBook can be challenging. Making an eBook itself has been challenging. You need to write something that everyone will love and you have to make your book has something to offer, either to be informative or amusing. After making your eBook, now you need to learn how to sell your books online. Amazon is one of the best places to sell your eBook since Amazon has been visited by million people around the world. Selling your book in Amazon will offer a good opportunity for you to get your book sold and read by thousands of people.

This is not difficult to sell your eBook at Amazon. Everything can be done very easily. You just need to follow the rules and regulations set by Amazon and your eBook will be published in the website. Firstly you need to have an Amazon KDP account to be able to upload and sell your eBook. Making an account is easy because you can do it for free. Your eBook should be in a kindle format to be able to be uploaded in Amazon, but do not worry about this because Amazon will automatically convert your eBook into kindle format once this is accepted.

You will have a bookshelf when your account is ready. This is the place where your books would be placed to sell. Since you are just started the account, then the bookshelf must be empty. While now you have had the bookshelf, you can add your book in it. Just clock the Add New Title button and you can add a book to the bookshelf easily. Once you have added the eBook and filling the requirements field, you are ready to upload your book to the website.

Uploading your eBook can be done very easy, but if your book is not in a Kindle format, you need to see the converted version before finish the uploading to make sure that the Kindle format is exactly the same as the original format that you write. After that, you can set the price and royalty. There are two options of royalty, 35% and 75% that you can choose from. Your eBook will not be automatically available at Amazon. The website needs time to make a review of your book before they put it on sale. You need to wait for about 48 hours for your book to be published.

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