How To Research The Most Appropriate Keywords

Research The Most Appropriate Keywords
Choosing the right keywords for your blog is very important. If you choose the wrong keywords, then do not be surprised if your blog is empty of visitors. If your blog is empty of visitors, later the edges you will quit blogging. But hopefully by reading this post you are not going to stop blogging until it could get a lot of visitors.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is to find keywords that are frequently typed by people in search engines according to your blog topic.

For example your blog discusses operating systems, then roughly what keywords are often used by people to search for information about the operating system in a search engine, whether it is "Review of Windows 8" or "Windows 10" or "Best Operating System" or the other.

Keyword research is one of a very important part in SEO strategy. For those of you who want to get visitors from search engines, then there is no reason not to conduct a search keyword. You can still get visitors from search engines without keyword research, but will not be maximized.

Keywords Type

Before you read this post any further, it's good to first understand some kinds of keywords in SEO techniques, keyword has many types. Some types of keyword are:
  • Short tail keyword
  • Long tail keyword
  • Timeless Keyword
  • Seasonal keyword 

In addition to the four types of keyword above I actually still an awful lot of others, but the most important thing to know is the four types above.

1. Short tail keyword

Short tail keyword is a keyword which generally consist of only one or two words only, for example:

Cheap Android
Latest Smartphones


Type in keywords such as these usually have very high levels of competition. It is very difficult to be able to compete on a keyword like this unless you have a high level of SEO knowledge.

2. The Long tail keyword

Long tail keyword is a long version of the short tail keyword, for example:

A List Of The Coolest Android Smartphone
Best Samsung Android Smartphone

If you are still a beginner so long tail keyword is definitely more recommended since the level of competition which is likely to be lower and make it easy for you to master the top positions of search engines.

The shortcomings of the long tail keyword traffic is obtained not by as much as a short-tail keyword. In addition it is also quite difficult to find long tail keywords that are really good.

3. Timeless Keyword

Timeless Keyword is a keyword that always used people to search for information on a search engine and does not depend on time, for example:

How to convert cm to inches

These keyword including timeless Keywords because everyone will surely do the same calculations.

4. Seasonal keyword 

Seasonal keyword is the opposite of immutable keyword, the keyword that is seasonal or just popular for a moment, for example:

Wimbledon Champion 2015

How To Research Keywords

Now the question is, how to do keyword research?

Below I explain about how to conduct keyword research using Google Adwords: Keyword Tool Planner.
  • Go to Google Adword: Keyword Planner
  • If you are already registered then click Sign in button, if you haven't register click Create an account.
  • After going to the dashboard Keyword Planner, choose one of the 2 menu Find new keywords as you want, namely: search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category or the Multiply keyword lists to get new ideas.
  • The easy way is to use the first option.
  • Once the dialog box appears, enter the short tail keyword you want according to your topic, e.g. "Android"
  • Specify the targeting of country, language, date range and search engine (for while you ignore the other fields).
  • Click Get ideas, then the graph will appear, Ad group ideas and Keyword ideas. Select the Keyword ideas tab it will pop up list of keywords as shown below.
    Keyword Planner
  • After the keyword list appears, then the retrieved data is that you can learn and that you will use as a keyword?
  • In the list have provided data about Average monthly searches, Competition, Suggested bid and Ad impression share.
  • To facilitate the analysis of the keywords list, download the list simply by clicking the Download button, and then you select the CSV type and you can open the file with Excel.
Look for keywords with a high level of Average monthly searches but the level of Competition is low and Suggested bid (for google adsense) is high.
List about the level of competition that exists in the Google AdWords: Keyword Planner is an AdWords advertiser competition data, not a competition in the search engine Google.

For information about how to analyze the level of competition you can use browser Extensions like SEOQuake or MozBar.

If you use the Analyzer level competition tool, it can know the level of competition based on Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Index, etc. from the webs which appeared on the main page of the google search engine. Some of the tips that I can give, if you use the SEOQuake or MozBar is:
  • Do not choose a keyword that is controlled by the web authority, for example: Wikipedia
  • Do not choose a keyword that is controlled by the web with pagerank in the top 5
  • Do not choose a keyword that is controlled by the web with page authority and domain authority over 50.

How To Execute A Keyword

To perform a execution keyword into your article, you can read our article about How to Make SEO Friendly Articles, there will be explained in detail how to do it.

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