Guest Blogging Can Increase Your Web Traffic

Guest Blogging

As I wrote in my article entitled "Getting More Traffic with Giving Award to Another Blog", in the last part I wrote "Exchanging article can be done to get backlinks Also". That means that one way to increase web traffic naturally is that you can open wide to the guest who will put the article in your blog as a Guest Blogging.

Why I think it can improve web traffic?

Guest Blogging Philosophy

Well, I will explain in mutualism effect, why is there a desire on both sides; one side would like to commend the article, on the other side want to put quality articles for free in your blog.

Blog Owner

  • If you are good at writing and has had many fans are looking forward to every article you published, then you certainly do not expect much to guest blogging; because without this way, every blog you write will certainly have a lot of traffic. So you should be aware of whether you need a guest blogging or not.
  • You must be excited to further enhance the quality of your blog, if you are one of the chosen to get an offer from an author who will put their articles on your blog; This means that the author thinks that your blog has the potential to increase better.
  • You have to understand their goals, why the guest author wants to put the article in your blog? of course they have a purpose in their favor. Therefore you are eligible for selection in quality articles they want to post and conformity with the type of your blog.
  • Because the Guest Blogger also benefited by this, then of course they will try to make a good article, with SEO Friendly that best suit their abilities; this is certainly benefit you.
  • Besides you will promote your blog, you do not need to worry, they will automatically be promoted as well, for example in social media or their news letter.

Guest Blogger

  • You have to understand, what exactly do they expect to do this?
  • They want to improve the reputation by introducing the article through your blog.
  • They want to be recognized by the readers through your blog.
  • They also want to insert a link to their blog.
  • Guest Blogger expects to be able to get natural backlinks.

Well from that philosophy, it was clear that we would be equally benefited either as a blog owner or as a guest blogger.

Now, comes the next question ...

How to get Guest Blogger?

Besides the general requirements that we already know, for example blogs with SEO Friendly, nice blog article; there are a few things you must to be able to get a guest blogging, namely:
  • Make friends and communicate with the author that you think have a pretty good ability.
  • Many commented on each share of the author as well as fishing in order to discuss with you.
  • Take advantage of communication wherever they are (in the social media, comments the article or email if possible).
  • If you do not have a reputation as a famous author, so select the author who is not too famous, but you think that they have good prospects.

Thus my opinion on how to increase web traffic with guest blogging. If you have another opinion, or criticism on my writing even refutation, please leave a comment on this article and let's discuss.

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