Getting Traffic with Giving Awards to Another Blog

Giving Awards to Another Blog

It occurred to me after reading a blog "blogingfunda" written by Mohinder Paul Verma, that it is important to reward the one who gave you the inspiration to write a blog so that you get satisfaction from the results you achieve. I think it can improve web traffic or blog naturally also, of course, with a few tricks which I will explain below.

How Come?

Try to imagine, how happy you are if your blog or your name (especially for beginner bloggers) featured in an article on the blogs of others. You will feel proud and of course you will automatically open that blog; and of course you would definitely try to share to your friends.

So What Next?

  • Look for blogs that inspire you to write a blog and really good quality; do not take high pagerank blog, because it is definitely too much comment author so your chances are ignored.
  • Take more than one blog that inspired you to be given an award by writing to your blog (tailored to the needs of your article topic).
  • If you already have a couple of blogs that became the inspiration for writing your blog, then intertwine network to the author to communicate with each other, so that it can make your friends to share.
  • Share any article in the blog to the blog author intended.
  • Exchanging article can also be done to get backlinks in a very simple.

It was five in my opinion to be able to get natural traffic by giving awards to the other blogs, and you can develop other ways without having a negative way; and I am very sure in this way will give a positive lesson to the reader so that the reader will appreciate you.

Good luck, those who have another opinion, I do not hesitate to discuss with you.

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