Tricks to Get Google AdSense Approval

Get Google AdSense Approval

We all surely agree if Google AdSense is an Ad program that has the best paying for blog owners. The simple scenario of passive money making through a blog or web has made more and more people interested to get involved. Unfortunately, many of them fail to get the approval when applying for an account. The major problem is the strict requirements this Ad program has.

The increasing number of Google AdSense participants creates tough competition among of them. Google itself will screen the websites before giving the approval by viewing several factors. They include the information detail input when signing up Google account, the age of both site and its owner, and the contents. But mainly, here are some basic requirements of Google AdSense that you have to consider:
  • The age of website of blog should be at least 6 months old.
  • It should not contain of ilegal contents like pornography, violance and cyber cryme.
  • It should not contain of pictures, links or videos that violate the policies and guidelines made by Google
  • Post original contents only. Copying and pasting is strictly prohibited.
  • The blog owner must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a good navigation system on the blog.
  • Post at least 10 to 20 content rich pages.
  • Optimize the content quality to bring natural flow of visitors’ traffic from Google search.

Usually, it takes months to be officially a part of AdSense, but the result can’t always be satisfying. Here are some tricks to help you obtain the expected notification, i.e. the approval from Google AdSense:
  • Fulfill the basic things that Google AdSense requires.
  • Focus on a specific category on your writing that is accepted by Google.
  • Post original and high quality contents, added with the relevant images.
  • Earn decent traffic from the search engine.
  • Send the application to AdSense after 6 months. Meanwhile, you should keep concentrate in publishing more contents, applying SEO strategies to increase the natural traffic and making your site completely friendly towards the search engines.
  • Utilize Google Webmasters to submit urls and sitemaps. Then, analysis your website health using Google Analytics.
  • Remove the irrelevant links and fix the broken ones.

The tricks above are done manually and require patience. It is possible to get the approval as quickly as possible with more investment on a domain purchasing. If you do not want to spend any, you can still consider the manual tricks that Google more likely to accept.

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