Things to Avoid by AdSense Publisher

Things to Avoid by AdSense Publisher
Using Google AdSense is one of the best things that people can do to increase their traffic by creating high visibility over the internet. There are many people who get success by using AdSense and that is why there are more and more people try to use this strategy to bring them on the path to their success. What people sometimes forget is that AdSense is a tool that can bring them to success only if they use it wisely.

How can people use it wisely? 
People will be able to use it wisely if they avoid common mistakes that happen most of the time. Here is a list of the things that any publisher or any AdSense user must avoid if they want to get full result from using AdSense:
  • Placing the AdSense code on the place where most visitors won’t be able to see it. Make sure to place it in the strategic place that most people will see when they visit the site
  • Offer incentive to the visitor so they will click the AdSense ads It may work for short time, but it won’t work for longer term and it is possible that Google will aware of such thing and banned people who use this trick
  • Click the ads on their own. Google have a strategy to catch this kind of fraud and this is really a risk that is not worth to take
  • Placing too many codes in the same page. There is nothing wrong for wanting to get more money by having lots of ads in the site page, but people need to be wise about it. Too much ads will make the page on the site look cramped and not attractive enough. With all those ads, it is most likely that the visitor won’t take closer look on it, and it brings nothing other than cramped looking site.
  • Placing an ad that has nothing in common with the theme of the site or the article that people wrote. This will be such a waste of time and money for the publisher
  • Using the standardized or default setting. Using default setting for the ads is easy but in order to attract people to come and see it, it will be better if people customize their ads and make it look unique and attractive.

Those are the common mistakes that many publishers do. Try to avoid all those things and people may find their success using AdSense.

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