Things that Can Lead People to be Banned from AdSense

Banned from AdSense

Many webmaster use Google AdSense to leverage their visibility in the internet, thus bringing more traffic to their site and in the end increasing their profit. AdSense has become the tool that helps people reach the success they always dream of and yet, there is always the case when someone gets banned from using AdSense. Getting banned from AdSense could do worse to the business because when Google banned a site or an account, then it will not deliver the ads to any other URL that run the AdSense pub-id previously.

Now, most people learn so much better if they know what to avoid all the things that can make them banned from AdSense. Here are some of the things that can lead people from being banned and these things can be easily avoided from the first place:
  • One of the biggest reasons why Google will banned a site from AdSense is click fraud. Click fraud refer to any click that was generated by original means or in this case from the visitor of the website. Google has a way to find whether the click is original or not. A new site with not too much content will get 10 or 20 visitor a day and not every visitor will click the ads. It is a simple logic, so when a new site get numerous clicks per day, there must something going on and in most case this is something that was arranged by the webmaster. This is called click fraud and Google doesn’t take thing kind of thing lightly, so beware of it. 
  • Signing up in the site using different names. This is also could lead to banning because although people may sign up using different names, they have the same IP address and this is not something they can play around.
  • Using special program or software to generate robotized clicks. This is a big no for any AdSense user. Not only that Google can spot it on, they user will fall to the old scam trick. Many of this so called software are nothing more than a thief that will steal valuable and unique content from the site, and duplicate it. This is the kind of thing that violate the terms of AdSense and definitely one thing that can lead people to getting banned.

Relying on the AdSense to bring more traffic and more income is not enough. People should realize that this is only one method that they can use and if they want to get success, they need to combine it with other method as well.

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