Rules of Inserting Keywords for Maximizing AdSense Earnings

Inserting Keywords for Maximizing AdSense Earnings

There is a big correlation between writing good articles with putting enough keywords in your articles. The correlation is simple. Your articles are good if they have some keywords inserted because they can be found easily in the search engine. However, putting keywords in your article should be done properly. You cannot just put the keywords in anywhere that you like. You should think about the AdSense optimization by placing the keywords in your articles correctly. Adding too many keywords is also not a good thing. You should not stuff your articles with keywords resulting in low quality content.

The title is the most important place to insert your keywords

The title would be the first thing that would be scanned by the search engine. By inserting keywords in the title, you have more opportunity to get scanned by the search engine. The title will appear as a link in the search engine once the readers type the keywords that are contained in your title. Also, the title is the first thing people will look at from your articles. If they are not attracted by the title, they will not continue reading the article.

Insert your keywords in the Meta description is also important

Tough the Meta description will not be read by the readers because this is not shown; the search engine can scan and identify your Meta description. Consider the first 150 characters of your Meta description to have the important keywords because these would be looked at by the search engine. this will be so much better if your keywords are put in the front of your meta description in case the search engine will take only a bit of it.

Add a header and a sub header to your article, and then insert the keywords on them

It is better to put the keywords in the front of the header and sub header to make them easily scanned by the search engine. After that, consider inserting your keywords in the right place of the content of the articles. Keyword density is important and necessary, but keep in mind to not stuff your articles with keywords so that you make your articles not well written. Do not overstuff your articles. Just put the keywords as often as possible, but do not overdo it. Your articles are not written for the search engine. They are written to be read by the readers. That is why a well written article is important.

Why Search Engine Algorithms in Search Engines Important? Perhaps this is your next question you need to consider and you learn seriously to be able to get maximum results.

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