Increase Google AdSense Revenue with Quality and Long Articles

Increase Google AdSense Revenue

Getting high Google AdSense revenue is one thing that most AdSense user wants. There are many things that people can do to get that and using quality articles and the one with proper amount of word is one of them. Quality article is one of the most important key in any SEO strategy and this is also work for AdSense. People will get attracted by quality content and it will help to generate more traffic as well.

Creating quality content is one thing, but many people ask the same question on how long the article should be if they want to increase their Google AdSense Revenue?Most time, one AdSense block will display 4 ads so if people want to use three AdSense block, they need to place 12 text ads. This is the most common scenario that people use.

With 12 text ads, how long should an article should be? First of all, use some common sense. Imagine an article with 200 to 300 words that have to have all those 12 text ads. That is not enough and people will end up with an article that so full of keyword where the same keyword will show up in every sentence and is keyword stuffing. Nobody likes keyword stuffing and this is not definitely what people will call as quality content.

When people consider the length of their article, they should consider the normal human readers who will read the articles, the amount of keyword that will meet SEO term, and also the keyword that people want to get high paying or CPC AdSense ads. The key here is balance, and when everything is balance then people will have quality content that will answer all their need.

With the example above, the proper length of the article should be around 500 to 600 word. It is not long enough that will make the reader bored with it but it able to contain all the needed keyword in one article without creating any keyword stuffing case. That is exactly what people need to consider if they want to get high revenue on their AdSense. But always remember that quality content is always one thing that people should put above other thing. People should make their article qualified enough, informative and useful to the reader. A quality content combine with the proper amount of AdSense ads will help people to get more from their effort, which means higher revenue.

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