Get More Decent Traffic to Optimize AdSense Revenue

More Decent Traffic

Google AdSense has been the more familiar online money making program to bloggers. It lets you display some advertisement units on your site. If a visitor click on an ad there, you will get paid. Since the advertisements do not come directly from the advertisers, you are not going to receive the full commission. There is a portion of the set advertising budget will be Google’s revenue. It is surely larger than the one you receive.

Getting Google AdSense approval is not easy. You have to own a stable blog which is at least 6 months old and has regularly published contents. As long as you completely fulfill the TOS (Terms of Services), your way to get into this advertising network is widely open. Otherwise, you may only get rejection. But, it is not the only phase you have to be aware of. Once officially being notified as an AdSense publisher, you should think forward, considering the revenue optimization.

Although you have a pack of Ad units displayed on your page and made some money, you can earn more. Pay attention to the keys success of Google AdSense, i.e. keyword research and targeted traffic. It also means that to optimize your AdSense revenue, you will always have to deal with the internet marketing strategies. The purpose is to bring more massive decent traffic to your site which will increase the number of advertisement clicks. So, here are things that you can do:
  • Write original and unique articles. Remember that content is king. Internet users decide to visit your site because they want to know if you have the information that they need and want.
  • Have user-generated contents. Allowing the readers or users to generate the content for your site is a smart way to open wider door for more massive traffic.
  • Use article marketing method. You can publish articles on article directories, free or paid, to promote your site.
  • Exchange link with other blog owners by commenting their articles. You can follow blogs or sites which have the similar and related topics like yours. Post the comment as soon as possible an article is posted to increase your link visibility among of other readers.
  • Take the advantage of social networks. You can use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to interact with your readers and add more friends as well. 

When you do the internet marketing strategies with the purpose of increasing traffic to your site, it is important to consider the limitations. If Google algorithm considers you making spam, your blog will get banned.

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