Get the Best Result by Combining Email Marketing and Social Media Campaign

Combining Email Marketing and Social Media Campaign

There are many ways to promote a product or a service throughout the internet. Using email and social media is one of them and most internet marketer suggests their client to use both those methods along with other methods to get more satisfying result. What not many people realize is that they can use email and social media marketing together and not work on it separately. It will add more chance to the online businessman to get better result.

There are several ways to combine both methods and they are:
  • By uploading the subscriber into the social media list such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Most social media has integrated them with the system that allows people to do this easily. It brings many benefits to the marketer where it will help them to connect more with their audience. It will also help greatly for the marketer to understand more about their subscriber and therefore they will be able to provide the answer for the subscriber need
  • Make use of the indirect email marketing strategy. It means that the marketer needs to find a way where they don’t have to send email directly to their target audience. They can use social media help such as LinkedIn. What they can do is to join a group where the member of the group is their target audience. Then they need to make some activity, useful activity that will benefit other people in the same group. Automatically, LinkedIn will send notification email to the member of the group about this activity and this is what people called as indirect email marketing strategy.
  • Ask people to share the new content on the website. People can work on this strategy using automate email tool such as SendBloom or other similar tool. When a new content has been share by so many people, it will attract more to come and see it with their own eyes and this means getting more traffic.
  • Create a special group in social media where the subscriber is the only one who can join the group. Give something special and worth it for the member such as interesting article, discount or something else that will attract more people to join as a subscriber.

Combining both social media and email marketing strategy do have its own benefit. It simply adds the list of internet marketing strategy that people can try to boost up their sales and profit. If you do not know about how to optimizing email marketing strategy, you can read this article "Optimizing Email Marketing Strategy"

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