Alternative Methods to Monetize Your Blog after AdSense

Alternative Methods after AdSense

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is more than just posting articles or sharing stuff you have interest in. If your contents are useful and set to be SEO friendly, you can gain quick flow of visitors’ traffic. It is a good sign to tell Google that you have valuable source of information. Your website is much easier to get indexed and reach the strategic position on SERP. It means your site is healthy and ready to be monetized.

Telling others that you have a great blog with valuable contents to read is just the start. It is promotion effort to bring decent traffic in. To be able to start earning passive income, you should do monetizing. The most common method used by bloggers is signing up Google AdSense, a giant Ad network in the globe. In this case, you make partnership with Google by letting you display advertisements on your web page. You will receive certain percent of commission if an Ad is clicked by the visitors. The number of money to earn depends on your optimization strategy. Higher traffic means more potential clicks. Just remember that this miracle won’t happen overnight. You even need to wait for 6 month to get your blog qualified for participating in AdSense.

It takes time to successfully earn potential income from the traditional method of AdSense. You are able to make more with the following additional tricks:
  • Direct advertisement – letting you break the limitation to place ads and earn 100% commission from the advertisers.
  • Affiliate advertisement – earning commission by helping supplies make sales. 
  • Paid reviews – getting paid by writing product reviews on your blog 
  • Referral income – joining pay per referral program and referring your readers to take a part.
  • Create and sell eBooks – arranging useful information on a topic in an eBook and earning decent income from the selling online.
  • Provide services – utilizing your skill to offer professional services to your readers.

Google does not approve all kinds of website to be part of its AdSense program. There are some requirements enclosed in Google’s TOS (Terms of Services). The strict rules make many new applicants get rejected and the existing ones are suddenly banned from the program. Usually, it happens when there is a problem on the site or the owner does not pay attention to the Google’s TOS. Fortunately, there are still more methods available to monetize the blog and earn potential passive income.  You can consider about them when fixing the problem with Google AdSense.

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