Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Among many different ways to monetize your website or blog, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular one.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work? 

To put it simply, you will sell or recommend a product or service through your website or blog. You also put the link that will bring people directly to the place where the product or services were selling. When website visitors click on your affiliate links and then make purchase, you will receive commission.

How much money or commission that you will receive ?

How much money or commission that you will receive is highly depending on the seller. It range from 30% to 70% of the product price depend on the seller itself. This program is very popular because it offers people the chance to get more money by doing things they love (in this case writing something on their blog or website).

Amazon is one of the most popular websites that offer affiliate program to everyone. People can join the program in Amazon for free and then promote the product that was on sale in Amazon in their website or blog. This day, many similar website such as Amazon also offer people the affiliate program that people can use for their own benefit.

For those who want to join this program to get more money from their website should consider several things:

1. First of all, it will be better if they already have well established website or blog with lots of visitor.
It means they only need to persuade the visitor of their website to make purchase on the product or service they promote. Getting lots of visitor takes time and effort, so it will be better for people to work on the number of visitor before they start to join any affiliate program.

2. Besides getting enough visitors to increase the chance of them to click on your affiliate links, another trouble that you have to deal with is setting up the account on each affiliate marketing program out there.
It can be time consuming and if you sign up for too many programs, you could lose count and lose your chance. You can join a site that will help you to join different kind of affiliate program with just one account. Sites like Viglink and Skimlink will do well for this purpose although there are other similar sites that you can use.

If you are really serious on getting some money from the internet, then you should consider joining affiliate program; if you're not ready, you can use other alternative to get money from the internet.

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