How to Know AdSense Performance With Tools Available?

AdSense Performance
How to find or track the performance of AdSense that we have become an important part to see information earning earnings results that have been obtained from the AdSense ads. The goal is that we can find out which countries are often part clicking AdSense ads installed on our blog. It was, of course we can see how big the results of ads that have been clicked by them. Therefore, each ad is clicked by visitors from various countries, the results are different. Therefore, of course we have to keep a well-paid AdSense ads.

Every visitor who comes to your blog and have been clicking on ads AdSense occur due to a combination of factors, the income can be increase drastically. However, we must also remember that the earnings results that have been obtained and not melted, not forever remain. Because, if we do not publish a blog article, then your earnings will be reduced. Therefore, in order to stay afloat and not earning just disappear but you should keep well and frequently updated articles every day. It is, your blog will still frequented by everyone.

AdSense Performance
Earning earnings AdSense ads will make us happier and happier. Which, it is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet with ease. And we also do not need to leave the house when the hot look for money. Enough to develop a blog that has had, then we can earn. It was, of course, we can become a more professional businessman.

Therefore, you do not need to spend a dime to get all the tools you need to do for a comprehensive analysis of the performance of all your websites with Google AdSense. Although the software has some very good qualities. Google provides a suite of tools that is strong enough, then you can use it to track and analyze the performance of the site for free.

Using Google Channels Effectively

AdSense channels are the tracking option offered by Google to help you test ad layouts and other factors and determine what works best on your site. When you create a channel in AdSense, you can break the site report by the site, domain, parts and each page. System records impressions, click through rates, CPM and income statistics for each channel that you created.

Google AdSense program offers two types of channels that can help you find out:
  • What is the color and style of the most effective advertising
  • The best place to put your ads on each type of page
  • Where AdSense ads perform best (blogs? Forum? Page Content?)

The first type, URL channels, allowing you really need to create a data stream based on the URL of the page where the ad is displayed. The second channel, Custom, will open the flow of collection date based on certain criteria. URL channels are useful to find out where on your site to place ad units - and what kind of page to focus on development. If your data shows, for example, that you get click through outstanding on article pages, but only warm the performance of the forum, you have two different directions to work with:
  • You can focus on developing more article pages to maximize their performance better.
  • You can check your forum ad placement and tweak the formats and styles to improve performance on these pages.

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