What is Chitika eMiniMalls?

What is Chitika eMiniMalls?
eMiniMalls is a new advertising system that is published and managed by Chitika, Inc. "mini-centers" are CPC (cost per click) ads to a specific product, always advertising, which focuses on the content of your content. The biggest difference for banner ads is regular movement: each unit consisting of several ad tabs that the user can scroll to view various information about the advertised product, such as a description, reviews, and a search of the best deals. You can see the unit, for example advertising site Chitika.

Chitika eMiniMalls
Similarity with AdSense - The first thing that is similar to Google AdSense program is, of course, you also have to pay on a per-Click (CPC). This means you earn money every time a visitor clicks on your eMiniMalls, it does not really want to buy the product. As AdSense ads for eMiniMalls are highly customizable to fit the look of your website: You can select the background color of the border, the color of the link and the color of the text of the ad and I recommend you take to increase (click through rate) of the ads themselves, the CTR of all these steps largely. Chitika ads are (again as Adsense) are available in all sizes, such as the default banner, for example, leaderboard, skyscraper, rectangle and so on, but you can also opt for some special shapes like the blog logo (which the announcement 468x180px). In total there are ten different sizes to choose from.

Chitika eMiniMallsDifferences Adsense - The main difference AdSense is of course the appearance of ads: not only to all eMiniMals image of the advertised product include, but different tabs in the ads not to add too much interaction, which is something completely new in the world of advertising and helps users to pull for them. Eye unlike Adsense, you can also choose not to run in the contextual environment (where the products are picked automatically advertised on the basis of the page is placed on the ad unit), but to identify the products themselves.

A great attraction for the use of, or at least try Chitika is that you can actually use eMiniMalls with AdSense ads on the same page.

The biggest advantage of eMiniMalls our publishers is that they pay a lot more than most per-click ads do AdSense at this time, in many cases, more than double or triple the amount for the same keywords. Exactly how much depends on the value of the product being advertised.

Game another incentive is the ability to use with AdSense, and the fact that you can get them targeted ads Chitika almost every product there is a niche category.
Goods times before applying this article further, should you need to know How to Earn Money with Chitika?.

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