The Microsoft Cloud Technology Developed Into Various Campus

microsoft cloud computing
Microsoft is currently aggressively developing various progresses and steps to get public attention. Even today they are also developing software developed into a variety of existing campus in Indonesia.

One of the campuses is the University of Airlangga. The university has announced a new application of this technology. Integration of this technology and also assistance initials Technology Implementation Posted Navcore Nextology done.

In this Airlangga University CyberCampus his application integrates Microsoft Office 365 With this program it is believed will make a progress and new strategies for all campuses in Indonesia and also more innovative. Various activities in education and research are also well supported by this program.

The student or faculty may be easier in access various sources of knowledge of the Internet and all that is in accordance with the agreement made by the parties and the Microsoft campus.

The program is carried out with the aim to promote international education by 2025 the world of education will be more advanced and increasingly rich with a variety of information from all over the world. The visions dam educational mission of the community will be realized and implemented this year.

Airlangga University not only is able to enjoy the program of Microsoft, there have been several other campuses that have done this and they are getting more advanced in accessing education.
If at this time you are not on campus this program then maybe it is still in the process of cooperation, or is still in the testing phase. But it is in fact no university list anywhere that will get this service or not.

Sources say that Microsoft issued only cloud on campuses in Indonesia. But the campus or place name is not mentioned in detail by the speakers.

For those of you who are now able to experience the benefits of cloud technology may be able to share with others so they can know how to work and what are the benefits that can be felt from this technology.

Nowadays the Internet has always been a mainstay, not least the students and faculty. With the Internet increasingly sophisticated knowledge of the entire world can be absorbed and learned more easily and comfortably. Just imagine, if the current Internet suddenly disappeared then from where we get a variety of information from all over the world? Maybe we will find it difficult to get it. Various changes have occurred with the advances provided by Microsoft for this.

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