How To Earn Money With Chitika

Earn Money With Chitika
Terms that are very difficult to get approved by Google adsense on our proposal, will certainly make you despair; you would think if there was any other way to earn money with other providers?

With Online Advertisement Network Chikita everything would be so easy; because to be a publisher you will not be faced with the difficult conditions, but it is enough if you have a blog with good traffic, you can get the money as you wish.

Then how do you start doing it?

Getting started with

After you sign in to the web, you click the button the Chitika Publisher with your intent to become a publisher of ads delivered by Chitika. After going to the Publisher page, press the Sign Up, such as shown in the picture below.
chitika earn money
After going to the Sign Up page, enter your email address that is used as the user-id of the Chitika Publisher/Account. And after you press the Go button, then you will notice this as shown below.
chitika earn money
If your email has not been sent to the folder of your inbox, check your Spam folder. If it has not been sent then you can request to be sent back by pressing the Resend Email.

Activate your Chitika account 

If the e-mail has been delivered and you open that email, then you have to continue charging a next account data, by pressing the Complete My Application, contained in your email.
chitika earn money
Next step is to fill out the following checklist as shown below, the following web address that will be used to display ads.
chitika earn money
Once that is done you enter, then press the Submit button; then going into your Chitika Dashoard.

Up to this step, your account has been activated; and the first time you have to do is to create ads and post it on your website, then wait a few hours or days depending on your web traffic, then your domain will be active and you can make a claim.

About how to create an ad and put into the web; as well as how to claim your web domains will be covered in Adding Chitika Ad Code To Blog.

It is very easy to activate account Chitika, but what was promised by Chitika could very accountable; use the best chance to earn money from the internet.

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