7 Factors of Make Your AdSense Account Banned

7 Factors of Make Your AdSense Account Banned
And many people complain about their account banned Google. Despite the possibility of a good to a certain extent that their accounts banned because of something they did, perhaps because of the reason that they do not realize they are doing something wrong. Or have been arrested in an attempt to cheat the system.

The following are 7 (seven) of the things that make your AdSense account banned:

1. Click on your own ads 

If you do, or are considering doing so as a way to increase your income, cut it out. For starters, if you use the same computer that you will use to work on your site, Google will know it. Of course, sometimes they allow clicks "accidental." But if you saw dozens of clicks, your account will be blocked.

2. Use of words that are not good 

I honestly do not know what Google considers to be words that are not good and redundant. The point is not content with a blog rant.

3. To promote the following: 

If your website or blog to promote things forbidden Google AdSense, then you will be banned.
  • Enhance weapon, a knife or a pistol and other weapons. 
  • Porn.
  • Tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • Encourage hatred.

4. Page without content 

Google loves content and the people who visit your website want to see good content. So do not make your page blank or does not provide the appropriate content. If you do not just ban your account to do. But the people who visit your site will not be back, and basically kill your chances to make money from them.

5. Do not ask others to click on your ad 

This means do not ask people via e-mail, and other sites, or put things like banners on your web site to try to persuade others to click on your own ads.

6. Make a statement clicking on your ad  

I saw this in many blog hosting sites. This is the place which will be published and someone says if you click on my ads will return a favor and click on your answer. Comments and other job with their prayers and people click on the ads. Most of them have done this ever. Remember if you are banned from the revenue that you've made will be lost.

7. No Privacy Policy 

If your site has affiliate ads and collect information such as the visitor for the formation of a newsletter on the Internet must be a Privacy Policy which explains why your site to collect this information. If the closure of your account, you may not be able to re-activate it. This is to protect you, so it's important to have it.

In conclusion, if you follow the rules, and stay up to date with AdSense policies and guidelines, and do not do what is listed above, your account remains in good standing.

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Cherri Megasko
9/22/2014 delete

Interesting. I'm just getting into blogging, so these tips are good to know.