Sharp Smartphone Remove Super Thin Bezel Design

Sharp Smartphone Remove Super Thin Bezel Design
The latest news today, sharp which is a well-known technology companies will also be issued a Smartphone, even reportedly, a Smartphone that they do not spend half the battle with a super-thin bezel design. With a super-thin design, a product they believed would be able to compete with other mobile phone vendors, might even beat them.

Mobile Aquos Crystal that's his name. This Smartphone will be sold throughout the world not only for local only, so you all from all over the world can enjoy this super slim mobile phone. Sharp is a Japanese based company that was always known around the world. However, for marketing Mobile Aquos new Crystal this time Japan will sell it to the United States alone, and there is no other news about any country will be their latest market their products. Yet clear, Aquos Crystal will be marketed in several countries in the world.

One of the advantages and the most interesting part of this Smartphone is situated on the form and design that is very thin. The use of a thin bezel that does not even visible at first glance, and that's what makes it a very attractive compared to other phones.

In addition in terms of design, this phone also has a specification that is not too complicated to even fairly simple but no less powerful with many other phones that are known at this time. And possibilities, this phone will be priced at an inexpensive price, even fairly cheap. All this is done so sharp can enter a wider market and can also be enjoyed by the middle to lower.

Here are some specs Aquos Crystal:
  • Screen size 5 inches 
  • HD phone resolution 1280 x 720 pixels 
  • Quad-core Snapdragon processor 400 on the inside of the phone 
  • It has 1.5 GB of RAM 
  • Equipped with 8GB of internal memory 
  • Battery with a capacity of 2040 mAh. 

It was just a few specs of the latest sharp phones; there are still others that are still a secret. If you want to buy this phone you should first look at the official website to see the various advantages and disadvantages, as well as a description of the rates they offer.

But, we can be sure that the price will be much cheaper than other phones, because it is already a sharp corporate purpose. For the problem of color and model, until now there is no clear information.

For those of you who have always wanted to have an international quality cell phone this is the time, sharp with the newest products are here to meet your needs for phone cheap and high quality.

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