Reset Windows 8 / 8.1 Without DVD

Reset Windows 8 / 8.1 Without DVD
To reset windows 8 most people think of having to use a DVD or flash disk to perform the process. This process is very inconvenient especially if the DVD or flash disk you do not have or are not with you at the time. However, a different way if you know how to reset windows without a DVD then it will be much easier.

It takes a few easy steps to reset the windows. Here is how:
  • Search or a search on the drive contained Windows 8 installation. 
  • Find the file to install. WIM (Windows Imaging Format) on the sources folder then copy to a new folder on the disk in drive C. 
  • The next step is to run the command prompt. If now you are in the desktop then point your mouse to the bottom left corner and right click. Select the command prompt. 
  • However, if you happen to be in a modern UI, you can directly type in the command prompt and run the application that appears.

If you still cannot or do not understand how it works, you can ask for assistance to friends or others to give instructions on running this operation. Maybe only if you learn directly from someone else you will be understood and to understand more about how to reset Windows 8.

It is lucky if you are at that moment it was located between a DVD or flash. But what if you are faced with a case where you do not have both, of course you have to have another idea better and easier than just relying on a DVD only.

Work should continue to run, as well as with what you do in reset Windows 8 although no DVD but it is not an obstacle to continue your activities.

There are many ways to install or reset Windows. When you reset would also pay attention to other things do not get you one step and create new problems. In addition, with the increasing number of users of Windows 8 then you also have plenty of opportunity to develop your knowledge. Maybe this could be your knowledge you develop into a profitable and generate a lot of money.

In addition to your own interests it can also develop into a profitable business. Make your ability is proficient in installing windows 8 to be a good business land.

For those of you who are beginners and still new in using windows 8 should read the above information was well, who knows when you need it and it would be very useful to you later.

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