Malware Application victim AdThief jailbroken iOS Achieve 75 Thousand

adThief Malware

Rooting on android or commonly known as the Smartphone jailbroken iOS is beneficial for android users. The user can benefit from the presence of rooting. However, they also have to realize that in this way there are many issues that will come, because when done rooting, android security will be more vulnerable to malware, and it's quite possible for the well-known problem.

AdThief Malware 

Based on a study, there are about 75 thousand jailbroken iOS device is detected by dangerous malware known as AdThief. Maybe for you it is still very foreign term. AdThief is a virus or malware used by hackers are not responsible for storing a variety of ads in your android. They use it to get revenue from android owners.

Smartphones are already known AdThief will continue to be the target of hackers is not responsible for storing their own ads, and they will automatically benefit from the advertising. And he said now there are 15 SDK ads including Google Mobile Ads. Not forgetting that Weibo ads become one of the applications that get infected with this AdThief.

But you take it easy, with further research to address this; the researchers have now discovered a person who has made this malware. These malware developers are rover12421 and zerofile which is a variety of android application developer. He has admitted his guilt and promised to stop.

But the news is even more surprising coming from him. He said that he had been stopped, but there are others who continue the development of the malware application without his knowledge. And at the same time, there are others who have successfully made also infect 23 million advertising in android.

With the further recognition of the first actors malware then we are required to be more careful when it will do the rooting android. If you are not careful then you may be one person who is the next victim.

There is no solution to this problem, because the researchers have not found a solution to stop the spread of this malware. Things you can do right now are if you are going to be rooting android application it should be with people who are experts. Then the next step is to not download a wide range of other applications that can make you suspicious and affected by this problem.

Typically, an ad that had been infected with the virus will develop existing in the android. Avoiding too much downloading or installing various applications of the Internet will prevent many viruses that go into smart phones dangerous.

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