How To Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu

Google Chrome in Ubuntu is not a stranger anymore, despite its name is slightly different from the Chrome in Windows but for its functionality in Windows is that if while on Linux Chrome is chromium, so if that is beginners ask that why his name chromium is not Chrome? yes it is Chrome, but in Linux different name. But, when viewed from the zoom function is also no different and the same as in Windows.

At first glance you have to know the advantages of Ubuntu compared with Windows. If on Windows virus can still go and rampant, in contrast to Ubuntu, the possibility of the virus in Ubuntu or Linux is there will be no at all. So if you install something in Linux it is guaranteed free from viruses. In addition, Linux very easy to use and user-friendly nature even easier than using Windows XP. So after knowing glance advantages now time for you to install applications in Linux especially Chrome.

How to install Chrome on Linux Ubuntu 12:04 almost the same as how to install chromium in Ubuntu 8, 9,10, 11, 12 and 13, so do not be confused if there are other uses besides Ubuntu 12.04 to install chromium remains the same. 

How to install Chrome in Ubuntu there are two ways and the internet must be connected to the computer or laptop, here's how to install Chrome in Ubuntu: 

Install the manual way in Ubuntu terminal. 
  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard or look in Applications -> accessories. 
  • Typing "sudo su" without the quotes, to access the root and enter the password if requested. 
  • To install directly Chrome Type "apt-get install chromium-browser" without quotes and enter, then select y on the keyboard and enter to continue. 
Install automatic in Ubuntu software center. 
  • Open Ubuntu software center is located in the Application -> System tools -> Ubuntu software center 
  • After the Ubuntu software center is already open type of chromium in the upper right box. 
  • If there already appears chromium then click install that is on the right, enter the password when prompted and wait for it to finish. 

Chrome on Ubuntu install can be an advantage to your computer user. Browsing on the internet can be faster and easier. but do not forget you also have to install Ubuntu or Linux on the computer beforehand. The way is not difficult to install it is important you want to wait some time until the results can be enjoyed. Hopefully the above tips can help you to earlier Chrome on Ubuntu install more easily.

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