How to Enable Fast Forward / Slow Motion on YouTube

YouTube is a video site that is very well known throughout the internet users. With this site you can see and watch videos from around the world that have been posted by various internet users from around the world.

Maybe sometimes you want to watch video on a slow mode or vice versa. At the time certain you have a specific purpose in view YouTube videos, and it will greatly help to facilitate your goals are.

For those of you who already know this would be very easy. But for users who are new and new this would be more complicated. Actually, everything is simple and easy if you can learn it more thoroughly. In fact, you can find amazing things with it.

If you want to use this mode, first you need to activate this feature first. This feature can only be used in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

Here is how to use the fast mode and the slow response and the response:

youtube setting
  • Go to YouTube settings area. 
  • Enable the feature by clicking on the Request the HTML5 player. 
  • Find the video you want. 
  • Click on Settings on the bottom right of the video. Then select the speed. 
  • To set the slow motion you can choose 0.5 or 0:25 
  • And to set the quick movements you can choose the 1.25, 1.5, or 2. 

How, is not it? Of course all that easy, which is important you know how. But if you want to know another way, below is a way to activate Slow Motion:
  • Go to YouTube that you desired. 
  • Copy video URL. 
  • Go to YouTube Slow. 
  • And lastly paste the website address then click Slow It. 

By the way before you can use YouTube videos more easily and more multifunctional; we know that in some occasions you may need this video in slow or fast mode. Utilizing a YouTube video to get the best possible knowledge, or business opportunities that are known at this time.

You can also upload videos to YouTube if you have a fun video. Use this feature as possible and make it as a way to become famous and known throughout the world. You must know that the range is wide reach YouTube even the whole world, and this can be a big advantage for you.

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