8 App Facebook Messenger Has The Famous Android

8 App Facebook Messenger Has The Famous AndroidVarious applications Facebook is already famous around the world. And now there are 8 Facebook messenger applications are increasingly popular in many android users. Until now there are about 500 million times the application is downloaded on Google android play, and will continue to grow.

If previously there were only 4 applications are becoming popular in many android users, but now it is increased to 8 applications that will reliably penetrate a variety of other information media. Mark Zuckenberg as Facebook corporate leaders feels proud of the accomplishments that he has achieved. In fact, he promised to continue to develop a variety of changes and improvement of Facebook applications.

Facebook messenger as a manifestation of the various requests and public criticism for these who want their application to android; you are required to install Facebook messenger if you really want to use the chat / inbox, and this also applies to all users of Facebook app, even though he had previously installed the Facebook application; because if android or Smartphone using only the main application Facebook you will not be able to use Facebook messenger.

There are several shortcomings of this application, for those of you who want to install on your mobile phone. When you will install Facebook messenger you are required to give permission to access the sound recordings, videos, phone numbers, photos and more. And this will probably interfere with your privacy.

This application does provide convenience even some that have used it to ease their chat on android. But you also have to consider about your privacy, do not let people who are not responsible abusing it.

Find additional information on the internet that can convince you about the advantages and disadvantages of the application. Even if necessary, you can ask those who have used it in advance and ask what they get from the application.

The growing sophistication of an application, the more vulnerable to various disorders and also viruses that until now increasingly rampant in various technology users. 

Some websites may only provide information about the benefits without notifying its shortcomings. However, we are aware that the public requires information relating to share they need. We provide the latest information that aims to help users analyze and get share features, the application of the famous and nice to wear.

Internet provides all the information that you want. But you have to remember that not all the information is correct and secure. It takes precision and intelligence in selecting a variety of interesting applications and guaranteed quality.

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