Sharp Smartphone Remove Super Thin Bezel Design

Sharp Smartphone Remove Super Thin Bezel Design
The latest news today, sharp which is a well-known technology companies will also be issued a Smartphone, even reportedly, a Smartphone that they do not spend half the battle with a super-thin bezel design. With a super-thin design, a product they believed would be able to compete with other mobile phone vendors, might even beat them.

Mobile Aquos Crystal that's his name. This Smartphone will be sold throughout the world not only for local only, so you all from all over the world can enjoy this super slim mobile phone. Sharp is a Japanese based company that was always known around the world. However, for marketing Mobile Aquos new Crystal this time Japan will sell it to the United States alone, and there is no other news about any country will be their latest market their products. Yet clear, Aquos Crystal will be marketed in several countries in the world.

One of the advantages and the most interesting part of this Smartphone is situated on the form and design that is very thin. The use of a thin bezel that does not even visible at first glance, and that's what makes it a very attractive compared to other phones.

In addition in terms of design, this phone also has a specification that is not too complicated to even fairly simple but no less powerful with many other phones that are known at this time. And possibilities, this phone will be priced at an inexpensive price, even fairly cheap. All this is done so sharp can enter a wider market and can also be enjoyed by the middle to lower.

Here are some specs Aquos Crystal:
  • Screen size 5 inches 
  • HD phone resolution 1280 x 720 pixels 
  • Quad-core Snapdragon processor 400 on the inside of the phone 
  • It has 1.5 GB of RAM 
  • Equipped with 8GB of internal memory 
  • Battery with a capacity of 2040 mAh. 

It was just a few specs of the latest sharp phones; there are still others that are still a secret. If you want to buy this phone you should first look at the official website to see the various advantages and disadvantages, as well as a description of the rates they offer.

But, we can be sure that the price will be much cheaper than other phones, because it is already a sharp corporate purpose. For the problem of color and model, until now there is no clear information.

For those of you who have always wanted to have an international quality cell phone this is the time, sharp with the newest products are here to meet your needs for phone cheap and high quality.

Reset Windows 8 / 8.1 Without DVD

Reset Windows 8 / 8.1 Without DVD
To reset windows 8 most people think of having to use a DVD or flash disk to perform the process. This process is very inconvenient especially if the DVD or flash disk you do not have or are not with you at the time. However, a different way if you know how to reset windows without a DVD then it will be much easier.

It takes a few easy steps to reset the windows. Here is how:
  • Search or a search on the drive contained Windows 8 installation. 
  • Find the file to install. WIM (Windows Imaging Format) on the sources folder then copy to a new folder on the disk in drive C. 
  • The next step is to run the command prompt. If now you are in the desktop then point your mouse to the bottom left corner and right click. Select the command prompt. 
  • However, if you happen to be in a modern UI, you can directly type in the command prompt and run the application that appears.

If you still cannot or do not understand how it works, you can ask for assistance to friends or others to give instructions on running this operation. Maybe only if you learn directly from someone else you will be understood and to understand more about how to reset Windows 8.

It is lucky if you are at that moment it was located between a DVD or flash. But what if you are faced with a case where you do not have both, of course you have to have another idea better and easier than just relying on a DVD only.

Work should continue to run, as well as with what you do in reset Windows 8 although no DVD but it is not an obstacle to continue your activities.

There are many ways to install or reset Windows. When you reset would also pay attention to other things do not get you one step and create new problems. In addition, with the increasing number of users of Windows 8 then you also have plenty of opportunity to develop your knowledge. Maybe this could be your knowledge you develop into a profitable and generate a lot of money.

In addition to your own interests it can also develop into a profitable business. Make your ability is proficient in installing windows 8 to be a good business land.

For those of you who are beginners and still new in using windows 8 should read the above information was well, who knows when you need it and it would be very useful to you later.

Windows 9 Released In September 2014

windows 9
Microsoft is currently the newest Windows release Windows 9 This is due to a lot of negative feedback about the quality of Windows 8 were deemed unsatisfactory by many parties. With a variety of user input windows and also with the input of new technology in the near future Microsoft is reportedly will release their latest product is Windows 9, precisely in September 2014.

In the month of September 2014 is actually only part of the test only. To the Microsoft official expenditure has not given an official explanation.

Windows 9 with code windows Threshold will surely be the latest and most advanced in this year and throughout the world. Later, the users who use this preview version will always get updated regularly every month automatically and deliver the kind of progress is also improved. And this applies to the official version of windows out over the next year is precisely in April 2015.

Some of the changes or improvements that exist on the windows of which this is the start button menu, deletion Charms bar, integration with Cortana, UI changes and some other improvements.
You will feel very satisfied with share changes made by Microsoft. Various features and applications that exist in it will also be faster and easier to use than the previous product. In addition, the price is also expected to be much cheaper and economical.

You will be one lucky person if it could use a review of this product in September. To the issue price or the enactment of a free system because it is still in the experimental stage it has not been made known to the public of the company official.

Starting from now you should be prepared to await the presence of windows 9 Get the latest information on the internet or you can also look for the official website and see what new information they share. It could be among the latest information that they spend there is important information that can provide benefits to you.

There is also news that says that if this trial is successful it will be developed a few applications and new features which have yet been given to the previous window.

In addition, it is reported also that with the release of the test then it indicates that the previous windows will be replaced by a new absolute, but it is not received direct confirmation from their side. If it is true before the product will be absolutely replaced then you also have to be prepared to replace the existing windows on your computer and replace it with a new one.

How To Quickly Turn off Windows 8.x With Keyboard

Turn off Windows 8.x With Keyboard
Windows 8.x more rampant and popular for computer users; in general, you can turn off the windows by using the mouse. So what if your mouse is broken, what can you do?

In addition to using the mouse, in fact Microsoft has also included a function that can turn off the windows via keyboard computer well. It's just a different way 8.x for Windows.
Here's how to turn off the windows with the keyboard:
  • Press the Windows key + X to display the power tools. 
  • Press the U button to display the option menu Shut Down or Log Out. From here you can select from four options. 
  • Press U to Shut Down
  • Press S to Sleep
  • Press I to Sign Out
  • Press R to Restart

In addition to the above you can also use a faster way. However, this method only applies when you're in desktop mode instead of in the Modern / Metro UI. You just press ALT + F4, then slide the options using the up and down arrow keys.

Use Windows 8.x as possible and find various other advantages that can actually be found in this application. It is in fact, Windows 8 has a more complicated way when you turn on or turn it off. And because it is very important for you to know the shortcuts that make it easier to move the operating system without complicated and troublesome.

A fortune if you can continue to use the mouse every time, but if you front on the occasion of the mouse cannot function well it certainly should be fixed immediately. If you already know the way before then though no mouse it is not a problem anymore.

Actually, there are a few more ways to turn off the windows with a quick and easy way. But if you're too lazy to figure out how, then the above will suffice for you to use. It is important to study it in advance so that when you cannot see these instructions you will be able to turn off your windows quickly.

Do not feel that the windows OS 8.x is a complicated one. If you know how and are always looking for easy ways you would be more comfortable using it. Good luck and hopefully the above can be useful for you also other users.

How to Enable Fast Forward / Slow Motion on YouTube

YouTube is a video site that is very well known throughout the internet users. With this site you can see and watch videos from around the world that have been posted by various internet users from around the world.

Maybe sometimes you want to watch video on a slow mode or vice versa. At the time certain you have a specific purpose in view YouTube videos, and it will greatly help to facilitate your goals are.

For those of you who already know this would be very easy. But for users who are new and new this would be more complicated. Actually, everything is simple and easy if you can learn it more thoroughly. In fact, you can find amazing things with it.

If you want to use this mode, first you need to activate this feature first. This feature can only be used in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

Here is how to use the fast mode and the slow response and the response:

youtube setting
  • Go to YouTube settings area. 
  • Enable the feature by clicking on the Request the HTML5 player. 
  • Find the video you want. 
  • Click on Settings on the bottom right of the video. Then select the speed. 
  • To set the slow motion you can choose 0.5 or 0:25 
  • And to set the quick movements you can choose the 1.25, 1.5, or 2. 

How, is not it? Of course all that easy, which is important you know how. But if you want to know another way, below is a way to activate Slow Motion:
  • Go to YouTube that you desired. 
  • Copy video URL. 
  • Go to YouTube Slow. 
  • And lastly paste the website address then click Slow It. 

By the way before you can use YouTube videos more easily and more multifunctional; we know that in some occasions you may need this video in slow or fast mode. Utilizing a YouTube video to get the best possible knowledge, or business opportunities that are known at this time.

You can also upload videos to YouTube if you have a fun video. Use this feature as possible and make it as a way to become famous and known throughout the world. You must know that the range is wide reach YouTube even the whole world, and this can be a big advantage for you.

What is Chitika eMiniMalls?

What is Chitika eMiniMalls?
eMiniMalls is a new advertising system that is published and managed by Chitika, Inc. "mini-centers" are CPC (cost per click) ads to a specific product, always advertising, which focuses on the content of your content. The biggest difference for banner ads is regular movement: each unit consisting of several ad tabs that the user can scroll to view various information about the advertised product, such as a description, reviews, and a search of the best deals. You can see the unit, for example advertising site Chitika.

Chitika eMiniMalls
Similarity with AdSense - The first thing that is similar to Google AdSense program is, of course, you also have to pay on a per-Click (CPC). This means you earn money every time a visitor clicks on your eMiniMalls, it does not really want to buy the product. As AdSense ads for eMiniMalls are highly customizable to fit the look of your website: You can select the background color of the border, the color of the link and the color of the text of the ad and I recommend you take to increase (click through rate) of the ads themselves, the CTR of all these steps largely. Chitika ads are (again as Adsense) are available in all sizes, such as the default banner, for example, leaderboard, skyscraper, rectangle and so on, but you can also opt for some special shapes like the blog logo (which the announcement 468x180px). In total there are ten different sizes to choose from.

Chitika eMiniMallsDifferences Adsense - The main difference AdSense is of course the appearance of ads: not only to all eMiniMals image of the advertised product include, but different tabs in the ads not to add too much interaction, which is something completely new in the world of advertising and helps users to pull for them. Eye unlike Adsense, you can also choose not to run in the contextual environment (where the products are picked automatically advertised on the basis of the page is placed on the ad unit), but to identify the products themselves.

A great attraction for the use of, or at least try Chitika is that you can actually use eMiniMalls with AdSense ads on the same page.

The biggest advantage of eMiniMalls our publishers is that they pay a lot more than most per-click ads do AdSense at this time, in many cases, more than double or triple the amount for the same keywords. Exactly how much depends on the value of the product being advertised.

Game another incentive is the ability to use with AdSense, and the fact that you can get them targeted ads Chitika almost every product there is a niche category.
Goods times before applying this article further, should you need to know How to Earn Money with Chitika?.

Make Money at Home with Chitika

Make Money at Home with ChitikaAre you able to find a job that can be done at home and earn a lot of money? The answer is yes. But, you must know what you should do. There are many interesting online business opportunities to earn money yourself rather than helping others to make money. One of the first priorities when looking for a job at home is to Chitika.

One way to avoid being scammed is to work with an online business that has a proven history and has been widely used by other people and it turns out they were successful. Chitika is one such program. In fact, affiliate marketing program offers many benefits that you will not find with any other program.

Some affiliate marketing programs like Chitika allows starting a business with low cost, and then the results will be numbered in the thousands of dollars. If you decide not to pay costs in the future, you have to make some strategies for retaining the web or online business to Chitika found to survive in Google and other competitors.

Chitika is one of the most affordable work home businesses available. There is no fee for the registration process. Another benefit to work with this program is its simplicity.

Some Affiliate programs have terms is quite complicated to be able to market it. However, Chitika is very easy to be made and advertised, you can also use a tutorial to help get the benefit of money from this program quickly. You'll also find a dedicated customer support system in place if you have any questions about the program. Once again, this is something that is not always found in several other Internet programs. By using one of these in your blog then gradually money will continue to flow into your savings.

One of the main benefits of working at home with Chitika system, especially for single parents is freedom. Everyone can do this business, either the parents or the teens. All you have to know is how to run it and how to maintain it.

Do not let the existing Chitika lost on your blog and you struggle in vain. 

After you install this program, you need a good advertising strategy to maximize profits.

Many of those who use these systems prefer to work at night, on the grounds that during the day they worked elsewhere. Or conversely, the housewife working in the daytime when they're having free time or their children were in school.

To complete your references, you should also read our article:

Various Computer Applications Latest Emulator

Various Computer Applications Latest Emulator
There are varieties of smartphone operating system, and with the help of various applications emulator you will not have any limitations in performing all the functions in it. It also will allow you to run a variety of applications.

Here is some of the android emulator computer:


YouWafe have look like the original tablet and tablet users may find it easier run this application. It is also designed to facilitate the users in the operation of the computer. However, there is one disadvantage of this application, which is an app that is not free or paid, you have to pay first and then use it.

YouWave has two versions, namely the first and the second Basic Edition, Home Edition. The difference between the Basic edition and home edition is, basic edition is an emulator of android 2.3 Gingerbread, while the home edition is an emulator of android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Home edition has better features than the basic edition, so if you are going to install this application you should use the basic edition.

While this is paid, but you can still try to use it first for free. YouWafe provide a convenience to consumers to try both for free for 10 days, and during that time if you are not going to use it then you will not be charged anything, everything is pure free.


Android-x86 is an android OS that has been ported to run on the computer. Shaped like ISO. Android-x86 can be installed directly into the computer or it could be through VirtualBox.

Android SDK 

Android SDK is the most perfect emulator that has many benefits. This application allows you to be able to run a simulation applications and tinkering with existing operations in android, besides many other functions.

To further facilitate you in installing and using this application should be before you use it, use a variety of media information to know in advance the pros and cons in more detail. You should know that this application could be developed into more sophisticated applications if you are able to use it better. You can develop these applications become limitless applications.

That is some emulator apps you should know this now because earlier application is the latest and the best apps android emulator. We know that there are many benefits of android; you can use it more easily. In addition, there are many things that can be developed with a variety of advantages it has.

How to Maximize Google AdSense Revenue

AdSense is a free service from Google that allows selling advertising space for other people's ads on the website. Advertisements are placed by Google on a website relevant to the content pages and the site owner will earn money every time someone clicks on an ad in it.

This procedure is quite simple. You can choose the ad line of products to be added to the site, and then create content for AdSense, improve search and landing so many other people to click on ads on the site you have. If you have many sites you should use it to add AdSense revenue as a field of your money.

The question is how much money AdSense pay? The answer is it depends. Basically there are two ways to maximize your AdSense earnings.
  • First is about AdSense sites
  • Second is a wide range of additional tools such as software, articles, and some supporters of the site. 

Money comes when visitors came to the website click on ads placed by Google. So, the more CTR (click through rate), the more money you earn. How to maximize clicks on AdSense?
google adsense

How to maximize clicks on AdSense is finding the right keywords. The right keywords are keywords that are sought after by others but seldom used by your competitors. After finding the right keywords for your website, then proceed to write an article based on selected keywords and publish it on the web with the AdSense code is pasted on it.

The next way is to submit articles to several different websites that point to your website that has AdSense. The ultimate goal is for the site listed on the first page of top search engines that guarantee more visitors. More visitors will lead to more CTR and more money.

You can earn thousands of dollars per month. It's just that you have to know how to maximize your earnings with Google AdSense. The secret lies in the numbers. Assuming makes $ 100 / month. With such a revenue target you should be able to be more aggressive in advertising strategy.

AdSense is actually easy just that we have to know how to play and the strategies required to maximize the revenue from Google. More ads that appear is better and the more income you later.
Way above earlier will make your AdSense increasingly attracted the attention of the public and the more clicks you get from them. Remember that marketing is very important, so there is no harm in using the services of advertising or making articles from other people who will help you ease the burden of marketing.

To create your Ads in google adsense, there are many options such as in the article "You Can Create Your Own AdSense Ads?".

What's IOT At Samsung?

What's IOT At Samsung
IOT is the internet of things, and from day to day is more famous in the world. And in order to support the plan of smart home on Samsung, Samsung desperate to buy the company that is SmartThings IOT. IOT serves as an application that can be used to control a variety of features in a smartphone and it can be done around the home user.

Samsung users will definitely happier with this news. Even other news that Samsung also aka removing other applications that will make the smartphone to be better than other smartphones. This is proved by the IOT is the Samsung hp is not owned by others.

For those of you who currently are already a user of Samsung then you are the lucky users who are able to enjoy a variety of amenities that they provide. IOT will be more helpful to the life of Samsung users connected at home and also protect the surrounding environment and do not harm our health.

IOT will give you a more interesting experience and savvy also improve your life without any problems. Additionally, these apps will also embrace a variety of communities, developers and others.

Various competitions happening in the technology world today, all the vendors want them to be the best and can be very well received in the world. Maybe Samsung is not the only smartphone that gives additional applications to the phone, other phones that do the same so that they become the number one choice of customers.

Most existing applications on smartphones can damage the health of the users, maybe this is due to radiation and applications are not perfect. However this does not apply to the Samsung. IOT is about collecting the data; the user can exchange data in one area and apply it at home.

This app was already believed to beat apple. Maybe apple is a well-known mobile phone brand with sophistication, but Samsung also was able to defeat him in this regard.

For more details you should look for detailed information on the internet. Maybe you currently do not have a Samsung you IOT, so it is very important to find out how to install it in your phone is. Furthermore, you can do more complex things on your phone if you have enough knowledge about the gadgets that you have right now is this. There is no harm in finding out other things if it can make you become the best smartphone.

Easy to Use Without The Google+ Real Name

At the beginning of the Google+ social network's users are required to use real names on its accounts. But the good news for you today is the elimination of the policy given by Google. Even the Google give an apology to the user with the policies that have been made.

Google apologized for the existence of the policy users find the experience is not good. Moreover, after a complaint that many submitted by users Google+ on policies they have made.

However, now you will be more free users and more liberal use of this social networking. Google wants to provide a new experience to users and would like to give you something better than before.

Beginning Google provide this policy to the various pages and also YouTube alone, but gradually turns into force on Google+. Google+ users can rename their accounts in accordance with their wishes.

Although fame Google+ yet as Facebook and twitter as well, but it is believed will change with time even Google could be more famous than other social networks. Larry Page the co-founder of Google said that in some future time interval Google+ will give you something new, different and unique and will make users comfortable using this account.

Social networking is easier for us to be able to communicate with the wider between users in different parts of the world. You will be able to recognize a wide range of information and news that is currently the trend and are popular in your environment or in the world.

In addition, Google+ as one of the many popular social networking can produce many benefits to the user. They can use it as a land to earn money with various internet businesses.

You can use Google+ as your online business. Such as to promote an online business; everyone can see your posts and it will make it easier to promote your business is.

Google officials promised to improve the performance of Google+ and it is also a form of motivation for you to be more in the spirit of doing business and can be more flexible in using your Google+ account. Maybe if they just change the current policy course in the use of the name, it could be later they will provide a way to communicate more easily and is more widespread than it is today.

What is Affiliate Marketing Secrets?

Affiliate Marketing
It is common knowledge that affiliate marketing has made a lot of effort by many people. Marketing has to do with the state of the global economy and the strength of Internet marketing today. There are probably hundreds or thousands of affiliate programs available out there. So how can you stand out among them all? Are there effective affiliate marketing secrets?

Most affiliate programs would definitely claim that they are the best compared to the others. They are experts in the trade and sales professionals to attract marketers to market their products and services. There are many who will try to convince you that they have the best program that also allows you to make very easy money, the truth is that these things can happen, but only in the minority and it is the individual who has managed to establish their web presence with website which has heavy traffic. For that reason, it is very important to be able to identify an effective affiliate program.

For those of you who are not aware, affiliate marketing programs proven selective when it comes to approving their marketers. This way is said to represent a product and service. As such, they tend select and approve the serious and show potential as having a website or a blog with heavy traffic with sufficient relevance and the like. This is among the many hidden secrets.

For those of you who are new to affiliate marketing and think that the only marketable products and services it is wrong. Now the information is even said to be sold to the right market. It is one of the many secrets of affiliate marketing that is rarely heard and considered. Information is important, therefore, take advantage of the good.

You can be a successful person if you have a marketing method that is right for you. If you are not able to do it yourself then you can use other people as a medium to help you obtain a satisfactory result. Do not be afraid to take help from others, because they can be one of the early successes.

Affiliate marketing secret is persistence and a great desire of you who will run the business. The greater of your desire better then future of your business. Choose a different way of marketing and the right to a favorable outcome. Feel free to start your success.

Cheap Notebook Q21

Lately notebook is increasingly being used by the people of Indonesia. Everyone is looking for a good notebook and also cheap. Moreover, today there are several brands of notebooks that are considered low quality and the idol of the notebook users.

One of the notebooks is now known that one of them is a windows notebook Q21. This notebook offers a low price in the market. Actually, this product has just been released and unveiled, but the result was very interested users with a variety of advantages possessed by this notebook. In operation, Q21 notebook using windows operating 8 and likely, the notebook uses Windows 8.1 operating with Bing.

Has a screen size of 11.6 inches with the resolution size is quite large and its size was about 1366 x 768 and for which there is a part of the Intel Celeron family comes technology Bay Trail with Intel burst, 2M L2 Cache and four processor cores.

With the many advantages contained in the notebook, so the more the enthusiasts of this product. Maybe if you recognize it, then you will be one of the people who admire and use this notebook Q21.

To further complement the advantages of the notebook and its appeal, the company is also complete with an mSATA SSD with a capacity up to 512 GB. In addition, technology already uses HDD with capacities up to 1TB.

It is conceivable, with the share price may be estimated excess expensive notebooks. However, apparently derived from some leaks that are cheap and believed to be the cheapest notebooks and can compete with other products on the market.

Price precise about IDR 2 million. This price is the price that is priced by the manufacturer for the sale price in the market. However, for the price out there or in the market depending on the seller. So you should be more careful when choosing a notebook seller, who knows only you can get a cheaper price than them. But if you choose the wrong seller, then it is possible the price will be much more expensive than other manufacturers.

Now, if you are going to buy a notebook, the notebook Q21 is the best option for you. Various applications and also the operating system that you might enjoy sophisticated of this notebook.

Notebook is a new technology that is easy to carry and use by users. There are different types of models and colors for you to choose notebooks today. So you will not get bored with the color and style of notebook that is mediocre and standards. Choose good and cheap notebook and do different things with him.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that meets the requirements for the transfer of data without any cable connection. This technology is very convenient and can be used to connect computers, mobile phones, cameras, and other. Bluetooth allows users to connect to a variety of telecommunication and computing devices easily, without cables, that excess.

With this usage it was making a quick connection, and automatically between two or more digital devices. Bluetooth provides the opportunity to use mobile data in different application. Bluetooth makes wireless between two devices in a local area of the office space or home easily. Bluetooth uses radio-based links and all the connections between devices and invisible too fast.

With Bluetooth technology your laptop can send print request to a printer in your room. Bluetooth is actually a standard for wireless communication between devices in a relatively small area and therefore works well in a personal area network by using radio frequency.

Any two devices that follow the Bluetooth standard can communicate with each other. Some Bluetooth devices such as digital cameras, cell phones and handheld pc can form a network. You can send an email to your phone from your laptop without any physical connect between your laptop and your mobile phone.

Bluetooth Features

  • Bluetooth uses radio waves.
  • Supports multi-point communication not just point to point. 
  • Bluetooth works in a small area of 10-15 meters. 
  • Bluetooth offers speed of 1-2 mbps. 

How it works Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a high speed wireless link technology that uses radio waves. It is designed to connect phones, portable equipment, and laptops. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth does not require line of sight between the units to be connected. Bluetooth is a modified form of the current wireless LAN technology and it is more acceptable to the relatively small size and low cost.

In the computer can be used with a USB port. Bluetooth range is 10 meters but can be extended up to 100 meters by increasing the power. Bluetooth devices are protected from external interference because they change their frequency up to 1600 times in one second. Bluetooth radio technology provides the bridge between the existing network data. Bluetooth guarantees security in bit level and the authentication is controlled by the end user by using a 128 bit key. Bluetooth immediately formed when two or more network devices within close range of each other.

Bluetooth Benefits:  The main benefit of Bluetooth wireless technology is in terms of safety, cost, easy to use, and networking capabilities.

The Microsoft Cloud Technology Developed Into Various Campus

microsoft cloud computing
Microsoft is currently aggressively developing various progresses and steps to get public attention. Even today they are also developing software developed into a variety of existing campus in Indonesia.

One of the campuses is the University of Airlangga. The university has announced a new application of this technology. Integration of this technology and also assistance initials Technology Implementation Posted Navcore Nextology done.

In this Airlangga University CyberCampus his application integrates Microsoft Office 365 With this program it is believed will make a progress and new strategies for all campuses in Indonesia and also more innovative. Various activities in education and research are also well supported by this program.

The student or faculty may be easier in access various sources of knowledge of the Internet and all that is in accordance with the agreement made by the parties and the Microsoft campus.

The program is carried out with the aim to promote international education by 2025 the world of education will be more advanced and increasingly rich with a variety of information from all over the world. The visions dam educational mission of the community will be realized and implemented this year.

Airlangga University not only is able to enjoy the program of Microsoft, there have been several other campuses that have done this and they are getting more advanced in accessing education.
If at this time you are not on campus this program then maybe it is still in the process of cooperation, or is still in the testing phase. But it is in fact no university list anywhere that will get this service or not.

Sources say that Microsoft issued only cloud on campuses in Indonesia. But the campus or place name is not mentioned in detail by the speakers.

For those of you who are now able to experience the benefits of cloud technology may be able to share with others so they can know how to work and what are the benefits that can be felt from this technology.

Nowadays the Internet has always been a mainstay, not least the students and faculty. With the Internet increasingly sophisticated knowledge of the entire world can be absorbed and learned more easily and comfortably. Just imagine, if the current Internet suddenly disappeared then from where we get a variety of information from all over the world? Maybe we will find it difficult to get it. Various changes have occurred with the advances provided by Microsoft for this.

How to Make Google AdSense Success

google adsense

Stop to be confused in choosing a business as a way to make money. The following are tips to earn money from Google AdSense to your website:

1. Understand your goal to earn money. 

The first thing you should do is ask if you want to build your own internet business or just want get what you like. Do you see yourself having opportunities in the business world or not? When you are able to answer all of these questions then you start your business goals. Start by trying to build a Google AdSense.

Google Adsense is a business that is designed with interesting content. Tips make Google AdSense success, the content that you create should be able to attract the attention of visitors and read the contents of such content. You do not need to work hard to create good content, you have to do is create something that is much needed by many people.

2. Define your target to earn money from Google AdSense. 

With the presence of the target, you can be more active in marketing your product or web AdS. AdS usually give the results of the hard work of businessman every month, and the results are great if you are successful with the target you have specified. If you've reached $ 100 then the money will be disbursed and you can enjoy.

3. Determine your priorities. 

Before you determine your priorities, you should know some factors such as; do You Need to earn quick money to pay some bills? Do you want to earn Google AdSense revenue from your blog with a large amount?

You must determine your main priority. Create content that attracts a lot of attention of visitors to the AdS and see further developments. Although you have to wait for 30 days to get the results of your efforts, but you should know that it will be able to meet all your needs for a period of one month, and it could happen with tips making Google AdSense a success that we provide.

Income that you earn will be far beyond the limits as you think. You just need to learn a few things that you need and learn what we suggest above. Remember that all things have a process, but for simplicity you need some tips and tricks that can make things faster and be the best.

Do not let others hinder you with a variety of issues that are not important. You have to stay focused to run all your efforts in building AdS and collect as much money in a quick period of time.

Malware Application victim AdThief jailbroken iOS Achieve 75 Thousand

adThief Malware

Rooting on android or commonly known as the Smartphone jailbroken iOS is beneficial for android users. The user can benefit from the presence of rooting. However, they also have to realize that in this way there are many issues that will come, because when done rooting, android security will be more vulnerable to malware, and it's quite possible for the well-known problem.

AdThief Malware 

Based on a study, there are about 75 thousand jailbroken iOS device is detected by dangerous malware known as AdThief. Maybe for you it is still very foreign term. AdThief is a virus or malware used by hackers are not responsible for storing a variety of ads in your android. They use it to get revenue from android owners.

Smartphones are already known AdThief will continue to be the target of hackers is not responsible for storing their own ads, and they will automatically benefit from the advertising. And he said now there are 15 SDK ads including Google Mobile Ads. Not forgetting that Weibo ads become one of the applications that get infected with this AdThief.

But you take it easy, with further research to address this; the researchers have now discovered a person who has made this malware. These malware developers are rover12421 and zerofile which is a variety of android application developer. He has admitted his guilt and promised to stop.

But the news is even more surprising coming from him. He said that he had been stopped, but there are others who continue the development of the malware application without his knowledge. And at the same time, there are others who have successfully made also infect 23 million advertising in android.

With the further recognition of the first actors malware then we are required to be more careful when it will do the rooting android. If you are not careful then you may be one person who is the next victim.

There is no solution to this problem, because the researchers have not found a solution to stop the spread of this malware. Things you can do right now are if you are going to be rooting android application it should be with people who are experts. Then the next step is to not download a wide range of other applications that can make you suspicious and affected by this problem.

Typically, an ad that had been infected with the virus will develop existing in the android. Avoiding too much downloading or installing various applications of the Internet will prevent many viruses that go into smart phones dangerous.

8 App Facebook Messenger Has The Famous Android

8 App Facebook Messenger Has The Famous AndroidVarious applications Facebook is already famous around the world. And now there are 8 Facebook messenger applications are increasingly popular in many android users. Until now there are about 500 million times the application is downloaded on Google android play, and will continue to grow.

If previously there were only 4 applications are becoming popular in many android users, but now it is increased to 8 applications that will reliably penetrate a variety of other information media. Mark Zuckenberg as Facebook corporate leaders feels proud of the accomplishments that he has achieved. In fact, he promised to continue to develop a variety of changes and improvement of Facebook applications.

Facebook messenger as a manifestation of the various requests and public criticism for these who want their application to android; you are required to install Facebook messenger if you really want to use the chat / inbox, and this also applies to all users of Facebook app, even though he had previously installed the Facebook application; because if android or Smartphone using only the main application Facebook you will not be able to use Facebook messenger.

There are several shortcomings of this application, for those of you who want to install on your mobile phone. When you will install Facebook messenger you are required to give permission to access the sound recordings, videos, phone numbers, photos and more. And this will probably interfere with your privacy.

This application does provide convenience even some that have used it to ease their chat on android. But you also have to consider about your privacy, do not let people who are not responsible abusing it.

Find additional information on the internet that can convince you about the advantages and disadvantages of the application. Even if necessary, you can ask those who have used it in advance and ask what they get from the application.

The growing sophistication of an application, the more vulnerable to various disorders and also viruses that until now increasingly rampant in various technology users. 

Some websites may only provide information about the benefits without notifying its shortcomings. However, we are aware that the public requires information relating to share they need. We provide the latest information that aims to help users analyze and get share features, the application of the famous and nice to wear.

Internet provides all the information that you want. But you have to remember that not all the information is correct and secure. It takes precision and intelligence in selecting a variety of interesting applications and guaranteed quality.

All About Apple iPhone 5S

iphone 5s
iPhone 5S is a product of Apple vendors, these products are very famous all over the world including Indonesia. This smart phone has a high specification.

Although the products of the first famous apple with sophistication and also better than the other products, but this does not mean they do not have a shortage and this also applies to the iPhone 5S. And then what are the advantages and disadvantages that the iPhone 5S? Below we will share some of the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone you should know:


IPhone 5s have a formidable Kitchen runway with the support of 64-bit processors and became the world's first smartphone that uses a 64 bit processor and is packaged in a chip Apple A7. In addition, the performance of data iPhone 5S two times faster than the iPhone 5 Processor M7 function detects the sensor inputs and can also reduce the load on the main processor while it is running the process. Run with the latest operating system iOS 7.

8 megapixel camera with camera features "iSight", 15 percent better than its predecessor; making clear picture. In addition, the camera has two flash lights so it can adjust to varying light conditions while taking pictures. Equipped with sensors fingerprint scanner so that security is guaranteed. Even the fingerprint sensor is Able to scan the user's fingers from different Reviews directions.

The Downside

  • The screen has a relatively small size is 4 inches, whereas the smartphone race with a large screen. 
  • The battery capacity is 1560 mAh. Make iPhone 5S battery drained faster. 
  • The price of the iPhone is quite expensive. 

That is some excess and disadvantages of iPhone 5s, in my opinion, good or bad a product is also highly dependent on how the needs of the user, if you really need this smartphone no matter how great the shortcomings were not an issue, but if you feel that there is nothing better than this then why not choose another product.

Instead, when you are going to buy a gadget or other product that you see directly in advance how the original form and also what are the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that you will not be disappointed. Do not forget to find a seller that is reliable and well experienced qualified; this will help you to get a gadget that fits your wants and needs.

Actually, there are many advantages of this smartphone, but it is better if you are directly visiting the shop or its official website only. IPhone 5s famous all over the world, especially in Indonesia, have a pride, that the notion of some people. According to those people who use this smartphone is a classy person and have good taste.

How To Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu

Google Chrome in Ubuntu is not a stranger anymore, despite its name is slightly different from the Chrome in Windows but for its functionality in Windows is that if while on Linux Chrome is chromium, so if that is beginners ask that why his name chromium is not Chrome? yes it is Chrome, but in Linux different name. But, when viewed from the zoom function is also no different and the same as in Windows.

At first glance you have to know the advantages of Ubuntu compared with Windows. If on Windows virus can still go and rampant, in contrast to Ubuntu, the possibility of the virus in Ubuntu or Linux is there will be no at all. So if you install something in Linux it is guaranteed free from viruses. In addition, Linux very easy to use and user-friendly nature even easier than using Windows XP. So after knowing glance advantages now time for you to install applications in Linux especially Chrome.

How to install Chrome on Linux Ubuntu 12:04 almost the same as how to install chromium in Ubuntu 8, 9,10, 11, 12 and 13, so do not be confused if there are other uses besides Ubuntu 12.04 to install chromium remains the same. 

How to install Chrome in Ubuntu there are two ways and the internet must be connected to the computer or laptop, here's how to install Chrome in Ubuntu: 

Install the manual way in Ubuntu terminal. 
  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard or look in Applications -> accessories. 
  • Typing "sudo su" without the quotes, to access the root and enter the password if requested. 
  • To install directly Chrome Type "apt-get install chromium-browser" without quotes and enter, then select y on the keyboard and enter to continue. 
Install automatic in Ubuntu software center. 
  • Open Ubuntu software center is located in the Application -> System tools -> Ubuntu software center 
  • After the Ubuntu software center is already open type of chromium in the upper right box. 
  • If there already appears chromium then click install that is on the right, enter the password when prompted and wait for it to finish. 

Chrome on Ubuntu install can be an advantage to your computer user. Browsing on the internet can be faster and easier. but do not forget you also have to install Ubuntu or Linux on the computer beforehand. The way is not difficult to install it is important you want to wait some time until the results can be enjoyed. Hopefully the above tips can help you to earlier Chrome on Ubuntu install more easily.

How To Install BlueStacks on Computer

Ever run BlueStacks? Do you know what it BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a software emulator on android that can allow users to download applications android known to the computer.

You can install and play various games android on computer easily if you have installed BlueStacks. When you use the android there are many interesting applications that can be used and can be installed, well this is a function of the BlueStacks, an application that allows android to run on the computer.

To facilitate users, BlueStacks is connected to a computer system inside. You just need to click the My Computer then automatically you will find a folder My Apps. Well, here you will immediately find that you have an application shortcut on the desktop and place it so easy to find and easy to access.

Because there are many applications for Android are designed or made for tablet users, it looks very suitable and fitting for the computer. If you do not really like to use your fingers then you can use the mouse instead of your finger to move or access and operate the existing applications. But if you use a computer or a PC that uses the touch screen, then you can also operate exactly the same as using a tablet or smartphone android.

There are other advantages possessed by BlueStacks, this application has a button on the bottom instead of the softkeys that can usually be found on the android, and this is the most important part of this software.

Next is how to install bluestacks on the computer:
  • Download BlueStacks 
  • If the download is complete, then click on the installer file to run the installation. Then click "Continue". 
  • Next Tick App Store and App Notification of access, you have to tick both, because this is very important and very influential so that BlueStacks is working optimally. 
  • Lastly, click the "Install" 

For the installation process may take some time and it depends on the condition of computer you have. if your computer is good and also not exposed to the virus can be easily used BlueStacks also install it will not be a long process, and vice versa if there is a virus on the computer may be slow to make this software run.

If BlueStacks already installed on the computer then you can easily run a variety of applications in it, even games that have very high graphics also can run smoothly with this software.

Though currently in a state BlueStacks beta and have not really perfect, but we can be sure that you can use it with a very smooth and seamless. So do not hesitate to install this application in your computer.

How To Improve Blog Visitors

increase blog visitor
Every time a blog site more and more and more busy, even over millions of blogs is increasing every second. So, how to improve your blog visitors? That's a good question that arises in the mind of every blogger. The following are tips that will help in attracting traffic to your blog.

The first thing you should do to improve the visitor is constantly updating your blog with best quality and useful content. The content of your blog is the key or the ability to keep visitors coming back to get the information from your own blog. Make sure that your blog posts interesting and reliable. If you want to increase the odds then you should post frequently.

The next step is the "comments". A very simple method and it is important to increase the visitors is the "comments". First of all you have to respond to any comments left on your blog in a good way, and then draw them into the conversation better. This method is easy to increase the loyalty of readers or visitors.

The next method is by leaving comments on some of the comments on the posts of other blogs to generate a new conversation. You also need to post the URL of the blog along with the comments you made, this way you can make the traffic flow to your blog.

Step 3 is to use SEO techniques. All you have to do is to understand and learn the basic techniques of search engine optimization. This technique is very helpful if you want to find your blog in search engine results. Place keywords in the right place and try to enter the appropriate keywords.

The fourth is the build quality Back links. Link quality is very important for any blog. They are very effective in attracting visitors to see your blog.

To five, Discuss Latest News and Trends - If you want to get the first rank in the search engines then talk about a hot topic, because Google and all other major search engines will be happy to see the up-to-date and latest content. If necessary, you can talk about something unusual and also the things that make people interested to open and read it. There is no harm if you look on the internet or trend information that is being widely discussed by others, then you have outlined in the article and you make it as interesting posts, web guaranteed you will have many visitors.

Moreover, it would not hurt if you also consult with people who have experienced, or it could be looking for ideas from friends, relatives or other bloggers. Usually it's an interesting idea would present itself when we've thought and consultation with others.