When Social Media is Used Properly

When Social Media is Used ProperlyWhen something becomes a big thing as social media Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Forsquare and many more, it will be a lot of exposure to negative things that seemed to illustrate that social media not useful for a positive life.

Perhaps we should be thoughtful to think of it, to which the limit is not normally in the social media user so that lead to negative things.

If we examine carefully, actually an awful lot of positive things in the use of social media that we can adopt to help our lives in order to become better; and in fact indirectly, in fact we have already done it but sometimes we are not able to say it.

After I saw the video above by accident I found on Youtube, I realized even as simple as shown in the video, it turned out to be very useful for our education in the proper use of social media in order to be useful in our lives; Although this is a hope, a very decent if we are thinking positive will crave a harmonization in the life of society.

Try it and let us contemplate together and hopefully a bit of wishful thinking that could be useful to our lives better.

Thanks to mmtmbit with "Social Media in Education" video.

Content is The Best Marketing Ever

Content is The Best Marketing Ever

Many ways taken by providers of information on the internet to increase its website traffic; they use all means in order that the desired can be immediately achieved; It doesn't matter whether it's negative or positive ways; and they forget that the essence is actually to be done into oblivion. I also did the same thing and I regret using the wrong way.

The concept of "visited by many people then abandoned"

Perhaps it could be described as subtitles above, that we can increase traffic website visitors quickly, but will then be abandoned; this is a mistake; of course we want they will bookmark our website or even subscribe to the information that we serve.

If we look at a few high traffic websites, every day and the following day they are getting good at presenting information; why? since started launching the website, they were ready with the information content to be presented, so that visitors will be hooked, will be back to the website and will bookmark.

Well, what are the essences of all we have to prepare so that we can hope to be able to get a lot of visitors, satisfied over the presence of our information, bookmark our website, subscription information to our website and of course always gives the answer to every question in a search.

1. Content is the first priority

Make the content as the first priority for marketing, before you think about next steps. Here's what the implementation is always upside down, we only think of SEO or social media share, and considers paltry for content; it was a big mistake!

How to make a good and correct content?
  • Write content with the correct guidelines; It's more leaning to the techniques in writing. You can get a lot of information about the guidelines of writing content on websites, such as problogger, wikihow, socialmediaexaminer, copyblogger  and much more.
  • Create unique content so that readers are hard to find similar content on another website.
  • Use the preferred material and often sought after by readers.
  • The material content should not be too sidetracked from your expertise, because it can become your own blunders; if you are a computer expert then write content related to your expertise.
  • Make the content continuously, at least 1 content every a day; so that visitors will always get something new from you, and they will appreciate it.
  • Expand your reading content, because by reading you will learn a lot about good content.

Once you've really prepared with the content of your writing, you can think about is the next priority, namely: use social media and SEO.

2. Use Social Media

Sure there are 2 social media: Facebook and Twitter which you should use for sharing content. It would be better if you use as many social media that have a lot of friends or followers.

I think we all know already what to do in promoting a website with social media; but there are things you should pay attention to, so your work will not be wasted.
  • Use the group or community that exactly in accordance with your content to share your content on social media.
  • If you share content material is contrary to the concentration of the community, then your content will be rejected or not will be read; even the more extreme your account will be reject as friends in social media.
  • Make a Page, community or brand that promotes your content, therefore the reader can easily share your content to their friends.

3. SEO

Search engine optimization is very necessary, because as we know that almost 70 per cent of internet users start internet with searching. If you are using the most dominant search engine certainly is better, because if you can compete with other competitor to get a high ranking, then your path more seamlessly.
  • Use the Search Engine Google and/or Bing.
  • Make way according guidelines ordered by the webmaster, you can to visit Google Webmaster or Bing Webmasters to try it; in the webmasters you will be guided, what you should do.
  • If you feel things you do on less, you can use paid SEO lots are offered on the internet, such as: boostability, searchrpm, monitorseo and much more.

The natural step three above if you did correctly, then it is very likely you will be successful in increasing traffic to your website; but once again I emphasize that the main thing is to be prepared with mature is content, and that is the key to your success.

Virtual Nation by Google

Virtual Nation by Google

Perhaps you are confused by the title above, or may already imagine what the purpose of this article, or you already know the direction of my writing this; let us see and read thoroughly and if necessary we can discuss opinion of this article.

In this article seem excessively, odd, unreasonable or very logical; I submit to you: how you will respond to my opinion of the article as possible? Before I opined further in this article; I use three main sources in this article: Virtual Nation (in a term), Project Loon and Google fiber.

The Term of Virtual Nation

There are many descriptions of Virtual Nation term, but there is an explanation that I think is proper, as published in urbandictionary.com website; they define the terms of a Virtual Nation is: "A group of people (citizenry) that have joined together under a common goal of achieving a better way of life, using a model of government more suited towards their common beliefs. This is usually done through the Internet; however, other methods of communication are possible if limited. The goals of these Virtual Nations can vary radically, but some level of group sovereignty is professed despite no physical territorial boundaries."

Project Loon

Project Loon
Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters. Project Loon began with a pilot test in June 2013, when thirty balloons were launched from New Zealand's South Island and beamed Internet to a small group of pilot testers.

From the news circulated, Google plans to invest more than $1 billion in a new fleet of satellites that will expand Internet access to unconnected regions of the world, implicitly this is certainly used to support the project loon.

What is Google fiber

Google fiberProbably most of you already know about Google fiber; is a super-fast broadband network developed by Google. The network of Google fiber until now it still limited in several cities in the United States, such as: Kansas City, and Austin and Provo; and will soon are launched in other cities such as Portland, San Jose, San Antonio and many other cities.

What is interesting is the speed from internet download and upload from the Google fiber network up to 1 gigabit, and for those who have a free 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload.
More details on Google's fiber, you can visit this link.

Well, from three explanations above and it will be added some few others illustrate, so my opinion may be relevant.

"Nobody likes buffering"

In an official blog about the Google fiber, there is a small but it very important words that is "Nobody likes buffering"; well, now we can assume that Google expects, by using Google fiber we can access all types of data with unlimited speed. Therefore, what needs have not been obtained? Of course there is no more.

Guessing concept from technology developed by Google

As I wrote in an article entitled "Guessing! What the End of Concept Technology Will Be Implemented by Google", I would argue that based on all of the software that has been developed by Google, will lead us as users to become depending from Google, because all there needs and facilities are easy and cheap. So that Google can be described a large computer with various software and data are very broad and connected. Therefore, what needs have not been obtained? Of course there is no more.


In an article from forbes.com, which was written by Parmy Olson, titled "Infographic: If Google Fiber Went Worldwide", they said that "Google has covered 0.007% of the populated world's surface since July 2012. If it were to keep rolling out its services at the same rate, it will take 107.25 years to cover the rest of the Earth".

In a forbes.com article published above, they use a statistical calculation based on development from what has been done by Google fiber for this, and it is very sensible . Why it makes sense? Google fiber network infrastructure requires that is "fiber optic", of course it is very heavy, if it should be expanded to the rest of the world.

But nothing is impossible; let's look at a few years ago when Apple launched the iPhone, with the touch screen is phenomenal and as there will be no competitors; Then what happened after that? are astonishing!, development of Smartphone device to be very fast, and almost all companies launching mobile devices such as the iPhone models; and do not forget that in the development Google participate very dominant with the its Android OS.

Pressure of Users

It is possible acceleration of the development of fiber optic infrastructure in the world will be much faster than we can imagine, because of desire and pressure from the user would be unstoppable; this is what would be the reason that the government of a country will support and participate in developing the network, because it is definitely going to greatly benefit country government.
How with the remote areas? Certainly with the Project Loon wherever you are, you can access the Internet.

So, is not impossible if Google fiber went worldwide fast!

Worries of Government

Every government of a country that will develop the Google fiber network is, of course would be worried and will always provide more stringent regulations. It is actually already up and running with the decision of the European Union in pressuring Google to be able to provide "right to be forgotten", that is the right to remove personal data in Google Search.

Formed "Virtual Nation"

Of all the explanations above, I dare to conclude, that Google will be able to form a "Virtual Nation" with the reasons: the infrastructure is available, the software is available, the pressure and desire of the user not unstoppable, received support of country government, and certainly can reach all levels of society on earth with the Loon Project. Done!

Worries of certain parties would exist, with the possibility of anything beyond the requirements related to information technology; for example: the use of politicization, spy, monopoly markets and many other possibilities; who knows?

If Virtual Nation is formed, who the president? Of course the president is Mr. Google.

Great Expectations

I personally hope that the emphasis of development of Google's intent only on the commercial side, so we as users not have to worry about things that unwanted. And of course we can enjoy super fast with the information technology, real time and no limit.

Writing is a Good Learning Method

Writing is a Good Learning Method

You must agree with the adage that "reading is the best way of learning", I also strongly agree. But there are more effective ways to learn is writing, and I think it is very logical and believable. It is an opinion based on my personal experience, and also based on what I observed from the categories created on the pages on the internet, be it in the form of archives, blogs and others.

From my own experience, that every write something I would definitely read a reference that could be my previous writing, guide books , archives on the internet, e -books, research, journals, news or other. In addition, if it is a practical writing (e.g. writing an article "how-to" ), then of course I will try first, or based on the experience we have done repeatedly. Even in finding an inspiration posts happen after we read something.

Now I would argue, any points in each write an article I had to read a reference or read something else.


If I put a quote from one person's opinion, the results of research, guide books or both trustworthy sources of news and press releases, of course I have to ensure the correctness of my neighbor's posts by re-reading the quote to avoid mistakes. Because the error bit of a quote can certainly be a big problem for us.


If my writing is in the form of a research result, I have searched and read as many articles with a semblance of a research me, so writing about the results of my research is truly unique and not plagiarism.

Posts about Conclusion or Summary

In writing a conclusion or summary from many sources, both from cracked - source obtained from myself or others, I had to read the first of these sources carefully, so that it can be produced conclusion or summary that is effective and appropriate.

Three of the above is a very important thing for me every write an article, so I have to read in advance or at the time I review the results of my writing. Perhaps these readers have another opinion; we can discuss so hopefully we can make the experience richer and certainly makes us richer knowledge.

From the above explanation of my opinion, I conclude that the three things above almost any writing will be used. So I believe that it is true that writing is one of the best ways to learn, because the writing we should be forced to read.

Three Easy Steps to Increase Followers on Google+

increase google+ follower
Of course you agree that Google's social media very effectively used for networking, and can be used for media marketing, share articles or other functions that generally we already know.