Adults Returning to Education: A Guide

However, although more and more adults are making this choice each day, returning to school can be an intimidating task to undertake once a person is well into adulthood. It can be trying to follow the educational path later in life. Attempting to follow an educational path later in life can prove to be a daunting endeavour. However, those who are willing to do so can serve as impressive role models for aspiring students of all ages! Are you considering re-entering school as an adult?

Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn provides adult educators with the information and strategies they need to guide non-traditional students toward positive educational outcomes. Providing a clear framework, guidelines for instructional planning, real-world examples, and cutting-edge ideas, and this book fills the need for intrinsically motivating instruction targeted specifically toward adults returning to school. This new fourth edition sharpens the focus on community colleges, where most first-generation college students and working adults begin their higher education, and explores the rising use of technology and alternative delivery methods including a new chapter covering online instruction.

For adult learners, however, it’s not always so straightforward. This is largely because, unlike standard CAO-entry courses, of which there are usually a set number at third-level institutions, adult education has a far broader range of entry points, and a lot of people who want to pursue further education don’t necessarily have a career-guidance counsellor on hand to help them navigate the terrain, and are often less familiar with formal education.

If you have not earned a high school diploma, then it’s time to get started with your General Educational Development (GED) test. Here are some resources to help South Floridian residents complete the requirements and prepare. Any student who is at least 18 years old and who have not earned a standard diploma may earn a State of Florida diploma by passing the GED.

Be informed that the GED consists of separate tests in English, social studies, science, literature, and mathematics. Students must also write a 200-word essay. Special editions are available in Spanish, large print, and Braille, as well as audiocassette versions. GED test preparation classes are offered through local adult education programs.

Choose a Program of Study
Whether you have been interested in a particular subject for years, or you are discovering a subject for the first time, it is important to pay close attention to your personal interests and career goals when narrowing down a program of study.

Pick a subject you love, or prepare for a dream career this is the best choice, especially for those returning to school after spending a large portion of one’s lifetime in the workforce.

Start Slow
As you get back into the swing of things, it’s okay to take just 1-2 classes during your first semester. If it has been years since you entered the classroom as a student not as a parent, or even as a teacher—then being back will take some getting used to. The idea is to avoid getting too stressed. By taking just a few classes your first semester back, this will reintroduce you to learning without forcing you to alter your lifestyle too greatly. Once you are ready to invest more time and after you feel more prepared, then you can start to introduce more classes and further prepare for re-entering the educational system as a student.

Adults typically have greater responsibilities than most teenagers or young adult students. Careers, parenting, finances, bills, and more can all seem to get in the way of obtaining an education. However, it is never too late to start learning. For adult students returning to school, balance is the key. That’s why FNU’s flexible schedules, rolling application, and online courses help to make enrolling a breeze.

Although it can be intimidating to return to school, the choice is well worth it in the long run. Find a university that is welcoming to students of all ages, and that meets your other needs and preferences such as a school with a great location, or one that offers a collection of online courses.

Once you pick your school, apply! Opting for universities with an easy application process and a rolling application deadline (like FNU) is beneficial to the returning adult student. It is never too late for learning and educating yourself with the new things!

“The article is written by Jonas Bryan at  who is an educational Counselor”

A Compact Tutorial to Crop Videos with Video Editor Software

A Compact Tutorial  to Crop Videos with Video Editor Software
Have you got some unwanted clips in your video that you need to crop out? Your video should be crisp and tight to capture attention and keep the viewers glued to it till the end. But when we shoot videos, we unknowingly tend to capture some fluff that makes the video unnecessarily heavy. In such situations, it’s better to remove the bells and whistles to ensure a compact display. You have video editing programs today that will help to crop out these distractions easily. The article here jots down a step by step tutorial on how to crop a video conveniently with a video editing program.

Step 1

Download & install the program

The first step is to download & install the video editor in your system. Make sure to settle with a credible name which is also easy to use. If you need suggestions, ( Movavi Video Editor will be a commendable pick. Movavi is an internationally reputed software developer and its video editing program has earned rave reviews and ratings from users and experts alike. It’s a state of the art software with advanced features but also features a user-friendly interface.

Step 2

Add your video

Next, you will have to add your video to the editor program window. As you launch the program, you will find a tab titled “Create project in full feature mode”. Click on it. Then, look for a tab that will enable you to upload your video to the program area from your system folder. You will find something like “Add Media”. Click on it and add your chosen video to the software window. It will generally rest at the lower bar of program window.

Step 3

Crop the video

Now, we have reached at the main section of our video cropping process. Click on your video and look for the “Crop” tab. Click on it to open it. But before you start cropping, go to “Preview Window”. It will help you to see how the video will look like after you have cropped out its parts. You will also need to adjust the position and size of frame in Preview Window. When everything is set, you will simply have to click on “Apply”. The video editor will immediately crop out the unwanted clips from your video.

Step 4

Save your video

We have reached at the final stage of the process. This is where we will save the edited video. But before you save it, you may need to convert the video in another format. Do you have to play it on smartphone and multiple browsing devices? Is the current video format compatible with all these devices? Well, if not, you will have to convert the video in a widely supported format. The main purpose of the video is to make others watch it. But if others are unable to open the video file, there is no point to create or edit the video. Look for the “Export” tab and click on it. It will enable you to choose a desired video format. After you have chosen the preferred format, click on “Start”. The software will convert the video in your chosen format and then save it in its library.

Importing PST Files into Office 365 By Network Upload | Drive Shipping

Are you importing PST files into Office 365 mailbox using Network Upload and Drive shipping, but failed? Get the ultimate solution to import multiple PST files into O365 account using Office 365 Import Tool quickly.

Outlook PST files are the dead emails files that are saved to your hard drive and user can see it in their Outlook client or they can move their Outlook .pst file to another system. But what if we say that these Outlook PST emails can be moved to Office 365 account. Shocked!! We mean to say we will help you to import Outlook PST files into Office 365 account so that you can use that emails and other data items to cloud. Outlook is one of the most used email clients that many people prefer and use it without any problem. But the day, have come when use has stepped a little bit forward and started moving to cloud. So, today we would be covering a method that helps you to migrate Outlook PST to Office 365 mailbox account.

How to Import PST files into Office 365 Cloud

There are two ways with which user can import Outlook PST files into Office 365 account. One method is drive shipping and other is network upload with which you can migrate Outlook PST to Office 365 account. Let’s read these methods to move Outlook data items into O365.

1. Using Network Upload To Import PST File Data in Office 365

a). In case of this method, the admin needs to install and run Azure AzCopy tool in which they have to copy SAS URL that is the mixture of network URL and Shared Access Signature key.

b). Now admin can import the PST files in an Azure storage location in the cloud. AzCopy.exe tool will move PST files to Office 365 Outlook. Admin can view a list of uploaded PST files that are migrated in Office 365, by installing the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

c). After moving the PST files in Cloud storage, an admin needs to create CSV file that will define the mailboxes for which the PST files are imported to Office 365.

d). In the last step, an admin will create an import job in Office 365 that will use information from CSV file to import PST files to the corresponding user mailbox.

2. Importing PST Files into Office 365 Using Drive Shipping

a.) To migrate PST files into Office 365 using drive shipping method is only one difference that this method will use the hard drive which will be encrypted with BitLocker.

b.) Admin needs to install WA ImportExport.exe tool and secure storage key which are required for importing PST files on the hard drive. With the help of WA ImportExport.exe tool, the admin will copy PST files on the hard drive, the tool will encrypt these PST files with BitLocker tool.

c.) Also, WA ImportExport.exe tool creates a Journal file that will hold information about the whole process. Now admin will migrate the PST files from hard drive to Azure storage area, the import service will use the information of CSV files that will indicate which mailboxes the PST files will be imported too.

d.) In the last step, admin will ship the hard drive to Microsoft Cloud. The system will provide shipment number. When data present in hard drive, it will be retrieved by Microsoft. The data center personnel will migrate the PST file to Azure Storage area.

Automated Process to Import Outlook PST to Office 365 Account

Using any of the manual methods is quite difficult and lengthy. We have covered the manual method in short but if you practically go into the process of importing PST files into Office 365 to mailbox is quite long. We would recommend you to use Office 365 Import PST tool for PST to Office 365 migration.

Benefits of Importing PST Files into Office 365

Office 365 platform is designed to bring together the existing services of Microsoft to an Online portal so that all of their application and services can be updated and used easily. Let’s read the benefits of migrating PST files to Office 365 Cloud.

1. Data can be Accessed Anywhere & Anytime

If user import Outlook 2010 PST to Office 365 mailbox user can use any of the data items like emails, contacts, calendar or task at any instance and any place. The prominent user who always needs Outlook and emails are very important for them then it's very useful for them to move their Outlook data to the cloud.

2. Disaster Recovery

Businesses of all sizes should be investing in robust disaster recovery, but for smaller businesses that lack the required cash and expertise, this is often more an ideal than the reality. Cloud is now helping more organizations buck that trend.

3. No Daily Update

Though Microsoft comes up with planned updates in case of their utilities they take care of the updates. Using a cloud platform would never make to go updating any application. The application would automatically update and you never have to worry for any of them.

4. Security

Using a cloud platform adds up an extra level of security if in case you get a virus in your system and your anti-virus not allowing you to open Outlook in that case you don’t have to worry because using Office 365 cloud would never let you down.


The above article has explained 3 methods to migrate Outlook PST files into Office 365 account. First is Network Upload tool and second is O365 drive shipping. While importing PST files into Office 365 mailbox, if manual methods get failed then you can go with automated Office 365 Import tool to migrate Outlook PST to Office 365 account.

Quickly Import MBOX to Outlook PST | MBOX Backup Tool For MAC / Win OS


MBOX is a popular file format that is used by many email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, Spice Bird, Mac Mail etc. These clients do not provide as many features of cloud services and advanced security measures as Outlook does. Hence, many try to import MBOX to Outlook PST data file format. This is where an MBOX backup can be used to take backup of emails in both Macintosh and Windows operating system.

How Does MBOX Backup Tool Import MBOX to Outlook?

Let us know how we can convert MBOX to Outlook PST file format without much efforts with this software:

  • Create an archive of all emails on the Mac computer by saving them in a .mbox file & then upload this file to the MBOX backup tool and let it work its magic.
  • The software reads and scans the file and displays all the .mbox files with name and size.
  • Use this Apple mail to PST converter to migrate multiple .mbox files to separate folders.
  • Give an appropriate name to each folder according to the subject or the ‘Received Date’.
  • Backup MBOX mails in multiple file formats including PST, PDF, and HTML.
  • Backup MBOX file to HTML format to read emails through any browser window. Just double click on the output file and it will open in the default browser. These formats make it easier to carry email files with attachments in a pen drive, memory card. The exported format can now be accessed through a smart phone anytime, anywhere.

System Specification

  • File Size: 59.6 MB
  • Version: 2.0
  • Recommended RAM Space: 2GB
  • Free Disk Space Required: 20MB
  • Compatible operating system: Mac OS X 10.10 and above.

Application Prerequisites

  • Continuous internet connection is a must to receive regular updates

Main Features of MBOX Backup (MAC and Windows OS)

  • Backup MBOX files into three different formats PST/PDF/HTML using the older version v1.1. And two different formats EML and PST when using the latest version 2.0.
  • Migrate multiple .mbox folders to separate email files in bulk using the tool. Create a new folder for each MBOX file by clicking on ‘Separate Folder’ option before starting the migration.
  • Apply date-based filter to email files to selectively import MBOX to Outlook data. Just set a ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates which will restrict the mailbox conversion to a certain time period. Only limited email data will be migrated. A lot of time will be saved as a result of using this procedure to filter emails.
  • Each email will have their email properties and meta data retained. Email has two major parts header and the body of the message.
  • The email header contains important information like cc, to, sender details, IP address etc. All of these are retained by the MBOX Backup.
  • Email formatting and inline images are conserved by the tool during the migration. There is no data loss during transfer of MAC MBOX to PST data.
  • Folder structure and hierarchy of emails are also kept intact during the conversion process. The complete tree structure is transferred as it was in the original mailbox.
  • Each email file is migrated with its corresponding attachments. There are no changes made to the doc links within the emails. Attachments can be of any type including images, video files, audio files, documents, spreadsheets etc.
  • Provide different names to output exported files using the Naming Convention option. Give names according to a serial number, subject, date or subject and date combined. The date here refers to the ‘Received Date’ for emails.


  • Migrate multiple MBOX folders in a single run with the tool.
  • A user-friendly software interface that can even be used by a non-technical person.
  • There is no limit to the number of MBOX files that can be uploaded into the tool.
  • There is no size limitation to .mbox folder that is scanned by the tool.
  • Use the tool for backup MBOX file to Multiple formats.
  • Migrate Thunderbird .mbox folder to separate individual message files in EML or HTML.
  • View mailbox email through a browser by migrating MBOX to HTML.


  • Does not work with corrupted MBOX files.
  • The source file cannot be used while the conversion is taking place. Hence, no communication in or out through the MBOX email client until the migration is complete.

Final Words

There are multiple third-party tools available in the market that help backup MBOX files to other file formats. But the MBOX Backup for both MAC and Windows OS is the most efficient and professional software to import MBOX to Outlook. It comes highly recommended by many data recovery agents. It is regularly used and approved by both business and home users alike. It is at the top of its niche and makes converting .mbox file much easier. There is no longer the need for using lengthy and irrelevant manual method for backup of MBOX files. Just use the MBOX Backup to migrate data from one format to another easily.

Answering Questions That Tell You Deeply About Autism

Autism is portion of a group of growing disorders referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The number of ASD cases are increasing day in day out. Lot needs to be learned about ASD, and its causes. The lack of understanding about this disease contributes to a number of myths. Here are 8 questions with answers that tell you deeply about ASD or Autism:

Can parents cause autism? 
The exact cause of ASD is not clear; however, it is evident that parenting style and behavior do not cause autism. Current studies suggest that genetics, metabolic, and neurological factors influencing the brain development, and even infections may contribute towards a role in the development of autism.

Is it impossible for individuals with ASD to learn social and communication skills? 
Individuals suffering from autism can understand basic skills, and they can lead a productive and successful life. The key is early intervention. The novel diagnostics tools, such as the saliva DNA test offered by Encourage Life Sciences has made it possible to diagnose ASD earlier than ever before.

Do individuals with ASD lack feelings and sympathy?
Individuals with ASD have same feelings as others, but they are not able to spontaneously develop the social and communications skills to convey their feelings.

Can autism be cured?
Autism cannot be cured. Early intercession with individualized education and services can help those suffering from ASD overcoming many of the cognitive and developmental issues arising from autism.

Do individuals with ASD have cognitive deficits? 
Cognitive deficiencies are not a portion of autism diagnosis. Many individuals with ASD have changeable level of cognitive deficiencies while others have not.

Is a person suffering from autism savant?
Some individuals with autism may have highly evolved skills in areas, such as art, music, and Mathematics. Majority of people with ASD have areas of interest that may lead them to gain a great deal of knowledge in a specific field.

Do vaccines cause autism?
The study in 1998 suggesting a liaison between autism and vaccines has been greatly condemned.

Do ASD systems worsen with age?
Both children and adults can improve their autism disorder if they are provided a gentle support. In recent years, autism diagnoses have increased dramatically. Early diagnosis and proper therapies can aid children with ASD to reach to their full potentials. Behavioral therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, as well as medication can help children with ASD to improve their ability to function.

ASD diagnoses have increased dramatically in recent years. Early diagnosis and proper therapies can help children with ASD reach their full potential. Behavioral, speech, and occupational therapy, as  Guru Write my Essay well as medication, can all help children with ASD improve their ability to function.

Author's Bio: 
Colin Leslie is a Freelance Writer who lives in Reading, UK. She has graduated from University of Cambridge in the field, Education. She enjoys writing articles of interesting nature.